This is a product with 14000 orders on AliExpress. Do you think is it too late to start selling it or its still possible because of its high demand? What do you think about it?

I would test it if it’s validated by other sellers, sold on Facebook. I would use adspy to check the keywords for the product. If the product sells successfully on FB, I would go after it. Aliexpress by itself is not enough of a validation factor in my experience. Needs to be confirmed and double-checked with adspy

We were thinking if it’s not hard to sell products that are already being sold well. Isn’t it better to find new products and try to sell those?

You could definitely try to sell those products. I just prefer to go after something that’s validated and proven. There are more unknowns in selling something that wasn’t sold before, more testing/ more guessing.

You can do it but I recommend going after products that have proven to be successful AND find a better way to sell them: Better ads OR better website,