I Help Fast Growing E- commerce Brands Acquire New Customers Profitably With Facebook Ads


If we have never met, my name is Alex Fedotoff and I’m the founder of alexfedotoff.com and AF Media Agency.

If you buy products online or use software to run your business, there is a pretty good chance you have seen (and probably clicked on) one of my ads. I have the good fortune of working with some of the smartest, savviest and well known businessmen in the world.

Look, there are a TON of other so called “FB Marketing Guru’s” out there, and many are doing some good things. Others, have fled the Facebook scene at the first sight of ‘hard times’ and moved on to other platforms.

But only I can take claim to having one the highest ROI’s in the space.

And that’s because unlike the FB Guru’s out there, I don’t just focus on the tactics of the Ads themselves. Look almost anyone can do that. Tactics are always changing and the goal of ‘gurus’ is to make it all look complicated for you.

Here’s what I do instead:  I architect the right funnel, designed to attract and convert high paying repeat buyers, while generating marketplace goodwill at the same time. Very few understand the social behaviors and strategy to turn an ice cold prospect, into a high paying client within a 48 hour window. (And take a warmer prospect and make them a customer/client even faster).

In fact, it’s this capability that has allowed me to work with the people I have, speak on international stages teaching these very systems and become one of the highest paid strategic consultants in my industry.

And today, I’d love to see if I can help you.

My Approach For FB Advertising

For me the essence of advertising is simple. You put one dollar in, you take more than 1$ out. You generate customer that will buy from you over and over again. My approach will never win advertising awards and I don't care. If my clients are making more money than they invest into advertising that's a win for me. So if you are looking for fancy ads and slogans with a double meaning, you are in a wrong place. But if you want to acquire customers profitably while generating positive brand exposure for your great product, then I can help you.

Result: 50% decrease in cost per lead. 11X ROI on each dollar spent
Results: 5X ROI for each signup. 10-20 new signups every day consistently.
Results: Doubled ROI. Much better understanding of the customer and stronger business.

What I've Achieved

Consistent 3X - 7X ROI on every dollar spent for premium gun belts company ``Hank's Belts``
Decrease in cost per lead from $5/lead to $2 / lead for Forex training company 'Learn to Trade'.
Increase in conversion rate by 50% for plastic surgery clinics chain.
Predictable 400-500 new patients / month for 'Silver Dental' chain across the USA.
3000+ patient leads / month for 'Aspen Dental' chain in USA.
Thousands of new subscribers and 2.57X ROI on every dollar spent for information publishing business in USA over 2 years straight.
Extra $115,000 / month in revenue for 'Success, Inc' coaching company.
100-200 new customer sign ups every month for a SaaS business 'FBA Wizard' in UK.


Most Facebook advertisers fail at scaling but you won’t. Get a 35-pages-long, very detailed guide on “How to scale Facebook ad campaigns profitably”


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