What is your strategy for product research?

1. Adspy.com to see what products are being advertised right now and used to do well in the past.


Metrics we watch out for: as a close ratio to 2 to 1 with LIKES to shares on ads. So if the ad had 1000 likes, ideally it would have had 500 shares or more. It shows it’s viral.


2. Comments on ads. If a lot of people are saying they’ve ordered the product, it means the product is actually something people buy.


3. Bitly links and + at the end. For example https://bitly.com/2LBv3mI+ shows if the product driving a lot of clicks and how consistent that is. If the product is driving a lot of clicks and it’s consistent it means it’s getting a lot of sales. No one simply paying for fun. Traffic costs money.


4. Similarweb analysis. If the store is within 500,000 range it means it’s getting a lot of traffic. We are looking for stores that have gotten a lot of traffic from high quality countries: US, CA etc and big portion of traffic is for social (facebook specifically)


5. The google trends for the products. We are looking for a positive up trend for the product. If there are a lot of people searching/ looking for the product, this is good product to sell. Example: dog collar https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&geo=US&q=%2Fm%2F05q778


6. We research both Shopify and Clickfunnels ads. We find products that are: – wide markets (potentially can be sold to 10,000+ of buyers – Have added value ( new feature/ new way to solve old problem, for example: cream with new secret ingredient – just an example) – proven to sell by other people We compile 5-10 products that could be used now. Then once again refine them and choose 1-2 to start testing.

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