Winning Ads with Videos


10 Ways to Rock Your Funnels With Video

Hey Rockstars,

Videos are HOT in the algorithms…Do you know how to use them to sell more products?

Today, I want to share with you some advanced strategies:

VIDEO TYPES/CONTENT: FIRST, let’s talk about the types of videos that you will need to generate, produce, or obtain:

✓Livestreams are the most favored type of post in the algorithm. Facebook as platform is built on relevance and depth of engagement, so having these in your assets is priceless. If you/your client or the face of the company does not want to produce a livestream, then get an influencer to take over the page for a day and host one. Remember that quality sound and lighting are necessary to uphold the brand image of your product or store.

✓Product in context: Amazon is the eCommerce king, and on nearly every product page, you’ll find videos of the product being used in context – in the environment and consumer for which it was intended.

✓Tutorial: This tactic is big for beauty & skincare products. If you need to demonstrate how to use the product to achieve an intended effect or result, this is a great tactic to use. Buzzfeed and Tasty are great proponents of this tactic. With beauty products, it can be as short as a GIF or as long as a minute or two.

✓Product feature video: Highlighting the features. If your product has differentiators that separate it from the competition, this is a great tactic to use to spell out the exact product details that make it better than others. If your overall brand’s approach is more emotional rather than rational, this isn’t a great tactic to use.

✓Brand positioning for High quality/high ticket: If it’s high-ticket fashion or lifestyle eCom, then video of models in the clothing, wearing the product, participating in the mood and lifestyle the product represents. These are useful for top-of-the-line brands that primarily want to exude a particular lifestyle, mood or attitude. (Think Givenchy, Prada…You never have to explain why these brands are so desirable.)

✓User-generated content. Create a custom hashtag for your posts and for your content. If you are using influencers, then this is a great place to get user-generated content that may be used in Instagram stories or in Facebook ads. Scour social media to find videos – and if none exist, use influencers or compile images together from customers to create them. Big player for social proof & in low-ticket ecomm. These provide great social proof and show the customer that your brand is relatable.

✓Product unboxing: If you do not have a high quality version of this video, it can be created with stop animation. Very popular among brands aimed at females right now.

✓Video response / brand story videos: We live in a day where social media is about people developing relationships with brands. Consumers want to know who the founder is, why the brand exists, who enjoys the brand, what other customers exist and how they interact with it. Create videos centered around this content – like a “Thank you for purchasing video” or “Why we created the company” from the business owner (Ex: REI created a video ad about why they close on Black Friday instead of participating in the shopping craziness). This can be applied to obstacles in your sales funnel – for example, how to use a new payment processor or how to purchase the product. If there are any consumer education issues, to through your page’s inbox, Quora or reddit and find the most common questions asked about your product/product category. Create videos that address each and every one – Short videos under 1:00 that can be featured and tested with different platforms. Run these as tests in the middle of funnel and sync with other elements of your campaigns, like emails to segmented audiences.

✓Interviews / publicity: Has the brand been seen in popular content – like the news, a major tv network show? Capture that video and use it as content for your funnels. This can be great to use for breakout products that have been recognized but are not yet a household name or if there is a customer education issue to overcome.

✓Bonus: Sync content across platforms and placements. Use the same video in different formats so that consumers develop a deeper and more meaningful engaged relationship/brand recognition.

Audiences to create from this content:

Livestream & long video watch audiences: Create audiences for depth of engagement with longer videos & livestreams only – 50%, 75% & 95%. Think: Depth of engagement = interest. Someone who has watched 95% of a livestream is extremely interested in your product. Don’t you think it would be smart to follow those videos up with ads?

Create audiences for the short videos: 50%, 75%, and 95% watch audiences for these videos as well.

FORMATS: Formats/lengths to consider:

✍ Square (takes up more real estate in the newsfeed)
✍ Vertical video (for Stories)
✍ Gifs for bots and social media management
✍ Less than 1:00 for videos intended to run as ads. Ideal length – :15s
✍ Always include subtitles for videos that include speech –
(a) Highlights inclusiveness for communities without hearing
(b) New version of Chrome blocks autoplay with sound
(c) Large percentage of people on mobile will watch videos with sound off

WHERE YOU CAN USE THEM: Where to rock them / How to use these videos in context: The strategy of where to use them is always going to depend on your specific product and end objective. Here’s a list to give you ideas on exactly where to test and feature these videos in your funnel:

🔥 First approach / Top of funnel / product introduction:
Brand interviews or publicity
User generated content
Product features
Brand positioning

🔥 Instagram Stories:
User generated content
Product in context

🔥 Middle of Funnel:
Individual answers to top questions / how to use (run the short videos to your audiences created from the videos)
User generated content
Video response / FAQ / brand story

🔥 Bottom of funnel:
Retargeting audience: your highest in-depth watch rates with DPAs

🔥After purchase / Cross-sell:
Brand story
Customer review
Product unboxing
Thank you for purchasing video

What’s your favorite way to use video?

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