User-Generated Content – Is It the Way Forward for Your Creatives?

User-Generated Content - Is It the Way Forward for Your Creatives?

Short Version:

Do it and use it! BIG TIME!

Usable version:

Online marketing in 2020 is NOT something you’ve used in 2018-2109. Facebook ad agencies have OVERSATURATED the platforms with MILLIONS of ad copies – lifestyle, great unique benefits, blablabla!

Because of that, the past methods of making content are NOT working anymore!

Right now, #1 content to use for COLD traffic is user-generated content or just UGC.


Being a Facebook ads consultant, I see dozens of accounts daily, BUT what I’ve recently discovered shocked me BIG TIME:

UGC >> PROFESSIONALLY made banners and videos!

Left screenshot:

– Customer testimonial, generated for $0.01

– 6! organic images sent through user feedback that costed us ~ $0.05 each

– 1.2-2 mins for making 1 such ad variation

Right screenshot:

– 50-second long PROFESSIONAL video – whole day of shooting, tons of expenses

– Copy, written by a professional copywriter (keywords and stuff) and paid for

– 7 days of waiting for the video to be delivered


I guess no need to guess which one is where…

I mean I knew that UGC was the way to go, BUT:

– +1.5% in click throughs

– 4!!! times CHEAPER clicks

– Almost 3 times cheaper traffic!

– Almost no resources spent!

Why UGC works so well right now?

To think it over, UGC working so well right now DOES make sense!

1. People have become SO tired of promotions that BOMBARD them from nearly everywhere!

2. Professional ads TRIGGER negativity in most of them already.

3. They still want to buy online (it’s easy and comfy), but they want to see something/someone they can relate to

4. What is more relatable than A BUYER, happy with the product they NEED?

So, 2020 Facebook ads DON’T have to be FANCY.

I mean the basic rules have not changed, but your requirements should be:

– Your ads MUST be viewed from the ORGANIC traffic perspective

– The testimonials, or whatever UGC angles you use, should NOT be generic – make them specific so that people could CLEARLY see the problem that they face as well

– Your ads should be close-to STORYTELLING – raw and natural

See the example below – a woman taking a picture IN THE MIRROR, AT HOME, ON HER PHONE. She tells us her story – how buying these leggings made the difference for her. 

She is not trying to SELL it to anyone – and THAT’S exactly what makes it so SELLABLE.

What kind of UGC?

Please remember – UGC does NOT have to be testimonials specifically! You DO NOT NEED ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ emoji to make it sellable (5 stars ACTUALLY hurt the performance).

So what can you use?

– Videos with VALUE inside – don’t think of FANCY first 3 seconds or making it 15 secs max. As long as the video is relatable, you can EASILY make it even 3-4 mins-long. Believe it or not, in my MOST successful campaign right now, I’m having a RAW video that’s 40!!! min long.

– ~200-word CASE STUDY ad copies from users about how buying from you changed their life

– Images, generated through testimonial apps, or just photos people send through comments (make sure to ask for permission to use them from the user)

– Still, testimonial copies work very well! Use them, test different angles and find one that PEOPLE RELATE TO.


How can you EFFECTIVELY generate UGC?

1. Have a medium from which you can gather feedback:

a.  BEST way – a Shopify app that automatically sends and collects feedback (e.g., has been very good for us)

b.  Most EFFECTIVE way – manually send emails to your customers; make them personal;

c.  CHEAPEST way – collect UGC from the comments under your post and encourage happy users to share photos/videos with you

2. Ask right questions when asking for feedback:

a. What is the difference before and after they’ve used the product?

b. What was the reason they were looking for this product?

c. What is the most positive/negative experience they’ve had with this kind of product (yours or not)?

3. Test A LOT OF THEM – to see which hooks and pain points work BEST for you.

4. ENCOURAGE users by providing them small discounts or presents.

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