The Hidden World Of Advanced LLAs Scaling

The Hidden World Of Advanced LLAs Scaling

In this video I show you how to scale facebook ads by leveraging advanced LLA audiences. This strategy is used by some of the best facebook advertisers in the world.

By the end of this video, you will know when to scale facebook ads AND how to scale facebook ads.

You will find this video extremely useful if you are running facebook ads for dropshipping or ecommerce.

Lookalike Audiences

If you’re watching this video, it means you now what a Lookalike Audience is.

But just in case, for those who don’t know what a lookalike audience is, a LLA is you telling facebook “Here is a list of 1000 buyers, please find 2M, 4M, 6M, 15M, 25M more people like these in the same country, so I can market to them”

What most people do

They’d go and create custom audiences out of their main (and most important events), like Purchases, Page Visitors, ATC, IC, Video Views, etc. 

Then they’d go and create LLAs out of these custom audiences. 0-1%, 1-2%, 2-5%, 6-7%, 7-10%.

That’s GREAT in the beginning. 

You have nice LLAS that (usually) perform pretty well.

You scale, and scale, and scale, and scale.

Months pass by and you continue scaling. 

And you get to, let’s say, $50k – $100k ad-spend per month. 

You want to keep scaling.

But what happens is, these LLAs become less effective.


Because of time.

See, Facebook only needs a certain amount of data to make REALLY good LLAs

1000-5000 buyers is the ideal range

But if you’ve been scaling aggressively for 6 months to a year, let’s say, and you’re in e-commerce, chances are, you’ve got more than 5000 buyers in your Custom Audience. 

Past that number, you don’t really get any incremental value out of those CAs

Like Facebook doesn’t need more data. It’s already finding the right people.

But the problem is...

You’re targeting these 180 days purchasers LLAS, and Facebook is looking for similar people to those.

However, people change.

Let me give you an example.

You’re selling a product that helps people overcome addictions. Like smoking.

People bought your product 3-4 months ago, they are already working on their addiction, they probably stopped smoking, and they don’t want to hear anything about it. They are focused on resolving it.

So naturally, their interests and behavior online have shifted to a different direction.

Yeah, but with your 180 day Purchasers LLA, Facebook still treats those people like your ideal buyers. Facebook is looking for similar people.

So in reality, anything past your 60 day purchasers CA, you start getting distorted data.

So what do you do?

If you are hitting anywhere between 2000 and 4000 purchasers per month, you need to shorten the time-frame of your CAs.

Instead of making LLAs out of 180d CAs, make LLAs out of 14 day CAS, 30 day CAs, or even 60 day CAs.

In that way, you create the CLOSEST profile of an ideal buyer that Facebook should look for. 

Obviously, that’s a problem you’ll face AT SCALE (over $100k in ad-spend per month).

But you’ll get there eventually.

So if your LLAs are not performing AS GOOD AS THEY USED TO, apply this tactic and open yourself to a whole new unexplored world of SCALING.

List of advanced LLA Audiences

  1. LLA Of Purchase event in the last 3,5,7,1,14,30,90 days (7 LLAs)

  2. LLA of ATC event in the last 3,5,7,1,14,30,90 days (7 LLAs)

  3. LLA Of people who watched 50%, 75%, 95% of all videos in the last 3,5,7,10,14,30,90 days (21 LLAs)

  4. LLA of people who engaged with your page in the last 3,5,7,1,14,30,90 days (7 LLAs)

  5. LLA of the top people based on time spent on website 5%, 10%, 25% in the last 7,14,30,90 days (12 LLAs)

  6. High LTV LLAs (extracted from Shopify or buyers list) last 7,14,30,180 days (4 LLAs)

  7. Wove LLAs – depends on what you get approved for

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