[Free Course] $1,239,812.99 in 4 Months With ONE Product | Scaling Dropshipping Store in 2019

[Free Course] $1,239,812.99 in 4 Months With ONE Product | Scaling Dropshipping Store in 2019

In this video I go over how we were able to generate over $1.2m in just 4 months with ONLY one product. I will cover the exact strategies I used when it comes to product research.  facebook ads for dropshipping/ecommerce, the formula behind the super successful fb video ads, how to build a powerful Shopify store, how to optimize and scale your facebook campaigns, and so much more.

We spend so much time on looking for the right setup in our campaigns and adsets – interests to choose from, optimization strategy, CBO/Adset level budget placement…

Yet, when it comes to what our targeted viewer sees, IT’S ONLY OUR CREATIVE that decides whether the potential buyer will click on the ad.

In our work, we devote tons of time and resources to CREATING/TESTING/IMPROVING our clients’ creatives.

There is no “secret sauce” how to ALWAYS make things work for a product, so you must test your ads and find winners that will bring you the money

So how should you test your creatives?

If you want to do that methodically and reliably, you need to dig deep, spend some time and resources, and get much data to choose from.

Here are the testing options that you can choose from depending on your available creatives:

So what was my strategy?

Brand focused on one niche, with a very broad name (so you can use it for multiple products).

I don’t recommend building a store around just one product. It’s better to go with a more broad name (sounding like a brand), so you can test and scale multiple different products over time.

Secondly, I recommend you go after a wide niche (skin care, weight loss, gadgets), so you have a bigger potential for scaling. Also, try to pick products that solve a specific problem. It’s always easier to tell solutions, rather than hype.

If you find a product that’s selling well within your niche, don’t just copy the product, come up with a different angle, a different name, a different positioning and messaging. Stand out from the competition. 

These are the tools I use to research brands within my niche – what ads they run, what angles they use, what offers they make:

1. Bigspy

2. Ecom Hunt

3. Facebook page posts

4. Top Shopify Websites – Xpareto

5. Adspy (paid)

6. SimilarWeb

Here is the formula behind successful facebook video ads:

The first 5 seconds are the most critical. Make sure something exciting happens. Some movement. Some emotions. Something unexpected. You need to capture people’s attention. 

For the rest of the video, it’s best to show people using your product. A good way to do that is to send your product to influencers. Not your typical Instagram influencers that will cost you an arm and a leg. Just go to Fiverr. There are people who offer to shoot videos with your product (a lot cheaper than your typical influencer). Send the product to 5-10 influencers, put them in your video, and there you have it. 

Building a powerful Shopify store

I recommend using the Booster theme. It is very well optimized for conversions. It contains all the “psychological triggers” you need to drastically increase your conversion rate, and maximize the potential of your traffic. 

Next, I want to stress out the importance of having less products. There is no point in having hundreds of products that have poor descriptions, low-quality photos from Aliexpress, and generic videos. It’s better to have a few products, and invest all of your time and efforts into creating powerful product pages, attention-grabbing videos, and sexy photos.

Please, if you are selling worldwide, install a currency converter on your website. This will help you dramatically increase sales in the other countries you are targeting. 

Other tools you need for your powerful Shopify store:




PRO TIP: Add free shipping over a certain amount to increase your AOV. The best way to do that is to look at the current AOV for your store. Let’s say it’s $20. Make the free shipping criteria to be $25 minimum. It’s a minor increase in the eyes of the customer, but it will make a HUGE difference in your ecommerce business.

My Facebook strategy:

Have a branded FB page. Share posts every week to look active. 

How you test video ads?

Create 4 thumbnails, and several different beginnings of the video (first 5 seconds)

Then you create 10 ad-sets, $20 per day each, and you target the BIG 4 with big wide interests.  

Here is how I’d structure my ad-sets if I was selling car wash products, for example:

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; Car Wash interest ; PUR (obj)

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; Car Automobiles interest ; PUR (obj)

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; Nissan interest ; PUR (obj)

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; Luxury cars interest ; PUR (obj)

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; Hot cars interest ; PUR (obj)

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; Chevrolet interest ; PUR (obj)

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; DIY interest ; PUR (obj)

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; Carid.com interest ; PUR (obj)

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; Luxury vehicle interest ; PUR (obj)

25-55 ; BIG 4 ; Lamborghini interest ; PUR (obj)

Test many interests at $20. Those who perform well, dupilcate them and raise the budget to $50. If they still perform well, duplicate and raise to $100. 

Once you accumulate some data, like over 100 purchases (1000 preferably), you can start creating LLAs (1-10%). Test those in your targeting

Define what’s the absolute maximum CPA you can afford to at least break even. Scale winners under that CPA, kill those above the CPA.

Then what?

Then you start emailing your customers every day. Email them offers. Test new products. What do you have to lose anyway?

Why should you listen to what I'm saying?

Well, from January to April (2019) I spent a total of $18MM on Facebook Ads. What I share with you has been tested over and over again. In many different niches, with many different products. What you hear with me is the 100% unfiltered truth.

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