Rockstar Ad Report


Rockstar Ad Report

Hey Rockstars, Facebook & Instagram are constantly changing…which means we have to constantly adjust our strategies and tactics. I’m starting a new series updating you on what’s happening in the algorithms, ads manager and in your business manager so that you can roll out the most effective and efficient campaigns. Here’s your weekly Rockstar Ad Report:

😎 Campaign Budget Optimization
😎 New: Page Quality
😎 Ads manager: Appeal your disapproved ads
😎 JSON messages
😎 Update your Pixel helper

See anything new in your accounts? Send it in here in the group and tag me. We’ll shout out to you in our Rockstar report.

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Items to read in an updates video: If you post a video AND write the text, it’s going to be easier for copycats to copy you and enforce people not watching the video if you make one.

Update 1: Campaign budget optimization:

Just in case you missed this one, it’s pretty big. This helps you save time in split-testing. Obviously you can’t use this to split test 20 adsets with $1, but we have seen it work with 20 adsets at $100 and 3 creatives per adset. After 72 hours, the system automatically optimized the best performing campaigns. It’s a pain if you’re used to tweaking every setting, but we’ll all get used to it. Start working with it now – because by September, you’ll lose your ability to set budgets at the adset level and it will be campaign budget optimization only.

More information:

Update 2: Page Quality

Facebook is rolling out more efforts to be transparent & accountable. As of January 24, people who manage pages will be able to see something called “Page Quality” under “more” at the top of their page. This tab will shows content we recently removed for violating a subset of our Community Standards, and content recently rated “False,” “Mixture” or “False Headline” by third-party fact-checkers.
From Facebook “We’re also updating our policies to prevent those who have had Pages removed for violating our Community Standards from using duplicate Pages to continue the same activity. We’ll begin enforcing this policy in the weeks ahead.”

Remember that every business manager has a quality score – which affects your eCPM (effective CPM, the CPM that your specific business manager/ad account has) and that means that your page’s quality score could affect the performance of your ads.

Ads Manager Gone Crazy:JSON messages/Not being able to create ads

Across the industry, we’ve been seeing messages like this one roll out to ad accounts where marketers were not able to create any new ads. It’s obvious that Facebook has rolled out new rules or bots to patrol accounts in the system. Our own group member Umesh spotted this one – but we know that MANY other marketers experienced.

this in the last few days. This is a system error. Notify support asap to request that your ad account functionality be restored to you.

Ads Manager Gone Crazy: Appealing your ad accounts

In the last three weeks, it seems like Facebook has gone a bit crazy. Ad accounts are being disapproved right and left. If your ad account has been disabled or ads have been disapproved and you’ve received an email like this on, re-read your Facebook Ads policies to make sure that your ads are compliant, then re-appeal every 48 hours. In your message to support, say that you think the bots have flagged a false positive on your ads. Unless you have a dedicated rep, it’s a new support ticket every time you submit a ticket or appeal – this is the only way to get it back. It can be frustrating, but stay on it.

Update your Chrome Browser & Pixel Helper Extension:

More than 50% of users use Chrome as a browser…If you use Chrome’s Pixel helper to check out pixels on landing pages, you’ve probably noticed that it’s stopped working with this most recent wave of craziness. Here’s the solution: Update your pixel helper extension, update the version of chrome you’re using if necessary, and then try again.

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