Facebook Marketing & eCommerce Business Keynote Speaker

Have attendees engaged every moment with how to scale their business

Even if the audience is tired already and everyone’s thinking about a lunch break, I’m the one to turn their attention back to the stage with high-value frameworks, real-business case studies, and the most up-to-date Facebook ads management techniques.

Let your audience learn from the real hands-on expert - a person behind the growth of multi-million businesses

Having grown up in Eastern Europe – a small Ukrainian city – I’ve gone all the way up to a multinational business with the headquarters in Miami, US. Now, I’m successfully sharing this knowledge with other promising entrepreneurs ready to scale their companies.

Being a Facebook ads strategies expert with years of experience, I bring in with me real case studies based on the accounts my team and I manage for our clients. From the stage, I show how I spent $40M+ on Fb ads profitably last year, along with the newest techniques to manage, optimize, and scale campaigns – hard to discover, easy to implement.

Some of the frameworks I share with the audience include:

– My Ultimate CBO Blueprint – how to test-> optimize>scale CBO campaigns on Facebook.

– Converting users into clients using human psychology – the 7-step guide to quadruple your customers’ list.

– The art of writing ads that really sell – how I and my team write ads that convert stably with a 4+ ROAS on high budgets. 

– The secrets of product research – start your dropshipping business with high-profit margins tomorrow.

Engage, Teach, Persuade.

As a marketer, I know that my speech must be entertaining, educational, and have a proof of concept so that others trust my methods.

I, as a speaker, ensure that all 3 conditions apply, and the audience comes back with tons of questions and presentation note requests.

About the speaker

Alex is a high-demand business coach, successful entrepreneur, and a skilled Facebook strategist. His unique peculiarity is that, despite his CEO role and dozens of students under his wing, he still hands-on manages Facebook ads on a daily basis, creating and improving the universal ads optimization frameworks.

Last year, Alex has delivered over $100M in revenue for his clients using Facebook ads with a $40M ad spend. At the moment, Alex works with 15 millionaire clients and 40+ 6-figure students.

Yet, he’s the most passionate about sharing knowledge with others – his Facebook community has over 40,000 members, while he regularly broadcasts high-value content through his popular YouTube and Audio Podcasts channels. Alex is a member of the Forbes Business Council and has been recently featured on many popular conferences among which is Affiliate World Asia.

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