Make a highly-profitable CBO – EASY WAY

Make a highly-profitable CBO - EASY WAY

Let’s be honest – there is very little of consistency in Facebook ads performance. 

Evergreen campaigns are myths from the past when the competition was not so severe…That’s why, you cannot do Facebook ads consistently for a long period without micromanagement!

That being said, you DO NOT HAVE TO make up 100s of new tests every day and think of new pockets to hit…

1. Too many changes on daily basis actually HURT Facebook – the algorithm simply has no time to learn properly (too many inputs and variables to process)

2. PROVEN – you CAN restore old winner ad sets/campaigns that died out some time ago

Considering that EVENTUALLY we might actually have to fully move to CBOs, I’ve tested a method of wrapping some old successful ad sets that I do not run now for one reason or another and give them new life as a SINGLE AND SCALABLE CBO campaign.

1. Find some old ad sets with high ROAS and reasonable spend (by “reasonable” I mean AT LEAST $500 in ad spend)

(Antti (10-03-2020) Broad – Lifetime BP Campaign, ad set level, sorted by amount spent – 10-16 March)

So, as we can see, about a month ago, I’ve started a few tests with BROAD targeting (either very broad interests or no targeting)

What I’ve discovered:

– BROAD works well for this account (Beauty product, could be used by most women)

– Finland and Sweden (markets I target here) have very specific KPIs that need to be followed (0.71% CTR yet very high ROAS) 

– For a week, the performance was extremely stable – I literally was just adding 25% on top of the daily budget once/day.

(Antti (10-03-2020) Broad – Lifetime BP Campaign, ad set level, sorted by amount spent – 17-18 March)

The next two days, I’ve seen a sudden drop in performance…Overall, it was caused by the market’s limitations (you won’t find even close to as many buyers as in the US in Finland+Sweden altogether)

As we can see, average ROAS/day fell from 2.58 (BEP 1.7) to mere 1.04

Obviously, I’ve shut down these ad sets…

My theory – Facebook failed to find more people in that pocket that would buy the product. 

*TIP: if an audience contains 5M people, it doesn’t mean that all 5M are EQUALLY likely to buy from you – they just have similar features

I’ve tried to:

– shut down and duplicate the same ad sets to restore them

– play with the budget

– ad/remove creatives

But the performance momentum was lost, and I had to move on with other campaigns…

2. Wait for some time (it doesn’t have to be a year – 1 month or even a few weeks should be enough) and restore those winners inside the same CBO

As I said, despite the decision being postponed several times, Facebook still can make CBOs mandatory…So better be prepared 🙂 

What I did is:

– Waited of ~1 month (29 days actually 🙂

– Took those same 2 winner ad sets (third was obviously slacking and worse in terms of performance)

– Used same ads with them

– Created a $200 CBO test ($100/ad set – for fast and high quality data)

After the first day ALREADY, the CBO was blooming, so I rushed to scale it…But not too high (again, considering the market’s limitations…)

(AF || Restart Broad – Lifetime BP || 7/4/20 Campaign, ad set level, sorted by amount spent – 8 April)

Until now, for 10 days already, the CBO shows CONSISTENT 2+ ROAS and does not even think to slow down…

So, overall, with the 10-day timespan (not huge, but significant enough to call the test successful), this CBO performed EVEN better than the same ABO tests from the past…

That’s why, those who tell you that CBO doesn’t work – they probably have not tested it enough yet…

On my clients’ accounts, we do just fine with both CBO and ABO campaigns – you just need to test different setups…

*make sure you set up proper tests – spend enough $$, use enough ad variations, and run them long enough to be sure that the results are true 

(AF || Restart Broad – Lifetime BP || 7/4/20 Campaign, ad set level, sorted by amount spent – 8-17 April) 

So how you should do it:

1. Check your old data if you have it (if you’ve run your account for 2-3 months at least, you should be having many tests that worked well but stopped after some time)

2. Find a few ad sets (targeting options+ads) that worked well ~1 month ago.

3. Combine them into a CBO campaign (my recommendation – ~$100/ad set for daily budget)

4. Start the campaign in the morning and let it run for 1 day.

5. Enjoy your high ROAS 🙂 

As simple as that – however smart Facebook machine is, it still processes simple tasks better than complex tests with very many variables!


So that would be it for now – do not forget to get back to me with your test results 🙂

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