International Facebook Ads Scaling Guide

International Facebook Ads Scaling Guide (Step-By-Step)

In this video, I show you how you can scale your facebook ads internationally. If you’ve been selling in the US for a while and you are getting good results, then there are huge, unexplored oceans for you out there…

Millions and millions of potential buyers that can’t wait to see your ads and order your products.

In this video I show you step-by-step:

– How you should approach international scaling with your facebook ads 

– What countries to pick

– How to structure your campaigns

– How to ruthlessly analyze and optimize them

-and FINALLY…how to release your great Facebook Ads Army and take over the world.

About international scaling...

The way we are used to thinking about scaling is: “I have this campaign/adset that’s working, let’s increase the spend”

That’s fine.

However, once you get to 50k, 100k on Facebook ad spend, or even $100k per month, over several months, your audiences will get fatigued. 

You have a few options.

Refresh the creative – change the video, change the copy, images. You can do a new funnel, a new offer. There are a lot of things you can do.

But what you can also do is expand outside of the US.

 US, compared to the rest of the world, is just a medium-sized lake. But you still have VAST, UNEXPLORED OCEANS out there.

Especially if you have a mass-market product that’s generally valuable to people. 

So how do you start expanding?

You think I’d say LLAs, but for other countries.

Well, I like to do something else before that

What I like to start with interests, or specific segments, say women 18-35.

I’d test my top 10 countries, like Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, China, Japan, etc.

Please keep in mind that in some of these countries, you won’t have the same audience size for interest-targeting as you do in the US. It’s your job to find close, targetable interests that represent a large enough audience in these other countries, and are similar to the interest that are working for you in the US.

What you’re looking for with this interest-based campaign are “signs of life”. These won’t be audiences that are eligible for massive scale. 

You’re just looking for those 2-4 countries that show the most promise. 

Also, if you are selling a strong B2C, mass-market, impulse buy product, you can even get away with ZERO targeting. 

However, if you decide to take the ZERO targeting route, I’d suggest you at least target your most successful segments. Example: Men 35-54

How to select countries

It all starts with research. You have to understand consumer buying behavior, what’s popular in these countries, what’s their purchasing power, what prices are considered reasonable in these countries for this type of products.

Usually Canada, UK, Australia are a safe bet. They are similar to the US consumers. 

Once you start going to Eastern European countries, South American countries, Asian countries, you have to expect some dramatic differences.

How to structure international campaigns

6-10 different adsets, each targeting a different country, broad interests or ZERO targeting

Inside those, 2-4 of your absolute best ads, duplicated once

After you’ve identified your ideal 2-4 countries for international scaling…

You then start creating those 1-10% buyers, top 25% visitors, etc  LLAs for these specific countries. The same kind of LLAs that work for you in the US, but adapted for these other countries. 

Keep in mind that for some countries, your 1% LLAs could be 200k people, instead of 2M+ (like in the US). So 5-10% LLAs become almost a necessity.

What next?

You create a CBO campaign for each country you want to expand to. You can even try a bid cap, if you believe you’ve established a solid CPA in the previous (testing phase). You then create 10 ad-sets with the best LLAs, and winning interests from the previous phase. 

Once all of your ad-sets have spent 10x your CPA (amount spent). So if your CPA is $25, once all ad-sets have spent at least $250 , then you start turning off losers.

You’ll then narrow it down to 3-5 super good winner adsets

Start scaling those.

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