How to work with the FB algorithms



Algorithms…Can’t live with them…

Can’t advertise without them.

If you’ve ever wanted to manipulate the algorithms take control back into your own hands, pay attention…because this post is for you *cue the evil laugh*…

Ok…before we get carried away, let’s clarify: We’re not talking about hacking anything against TOS… We’re talking about using the algorithms in an ethical way to get the most out of the platform and deliver the best results from your campaigns.

If you’re in this group, you’ve probably been running ads for a while, so you don’t need to be reminded that the algorithm is the AI that determines what content gets delivered and how it gets delivered. The campaigns that you run – the different objectives – are like conveyor belts that are wired to give you different results with your content.

Great…So once you get past Ads 101…How do you work within the algorithm to help it increase exposure and results for your campaigns? Let’s talk about that.

Here are 3 hacks that you can begin to use to take your results to the next level:

1: Add your keyword for targeting into your ad copy, headline, and landing page.

This platform is built on relevance – Ultimately Facebook wants to get the most engagement and deliver the highest quality information to the most relevant people.

So, take advantage of that, by using the targeting keyword and adding it to your ad copy, headline, and headline for your landing page. Facebook itself has used this tactic for advertising Global Summits, conferences and programs.

For example: You’re targeting a grooming product for men. In your targeting, choose “male” for one of your adsets and add the words “health & beauty” in your targeting.

Choose similar lifestyle blogs and leaders in your interest-based targeting. In your ad copy, you might include the words “Men, pay attention…” and headline along the lines of “Best grooming products for men”.

The headline on the landing page would also include those flagged words. By including those words, you’re telling Facebook exactly who you’re looking for – and the relevance score will increase, which means better CPMs, CPCs and results for your campaigns.

2: Use messenger bots for your campaigns.

Have you noticed that every once in a while, Facebook will do something RANDOM – For example, people who post on pages see an option to “Add message button” to every post…?

This is happening right now on pages – and it’s a not-so-subtle hint that Facebook has a strategic objective to up its usage of a particular part of the platform. (Remember, it’s public, and it answers to investors. It also has to set strategic objectives – and when they do, they change the entire platform to make sure they achieve their goals.)

Use this to your advantage…Take the hint. Develop bots and run campaigns with “message” objective.

They’re no replacement to email, but right now they’re a bit of a blue ocean that has less clutter and competition.

We’ve seen open rates as high as 80% when the average email opt in could be more like 10-28% depending on the industry vertical.

3: Use PPE campaigns to your purchasers and page followers to social proof your ads.

The engagement algorithm is designed to give you likes, comments and shares. The overall system will reward you for having that kind of engagement on a post.

Therefore, when you need to run a new campaign:

A. Go to your business manager
B. Go to “Page posts”
C. Click the blue button “Create new post” to create an unpublished page post
D. Choose to set it up as a link
(The headline will come straight from your header on your lander)
E. Choose which button works best for you (ex: Learn more, etc.)
F. Once you click the blue “Create post”, the post will populate in the list.
G. Locate the page post ID (it’s the long string of numbers next to the post)
H. Copy this number
I. Create a new campaign – engagement objective
J. Set up a few different adsets – people who have purchased, people who like your page, your email lists. Because they are most familiar with your brand, they will be more likely to comment and like the post.
K. When creating the creative for this engagement campaign, choose “use existing post”
L. Type in the ad ID from the post you originally set up
M. Finish setting up the engagement campaign
You now have what’s called a “social proof” campaign. And the results that you get off of this ad will help your second ad – a conversion campaign – get better CPMs.

To set up your second campaign –
N. Create a new conversions campaign to a NEW audience
O. Use the same page post ID

Use this hack while you can, because PPE objectives will eventually disappear.

Don’t worry – some accounts have been given the ability to carry social proof across posts with a checkbox – expecting to see more ad accounts get that capability in days to come.

Ok rockstars, your turn.

What’s your favorite hack to the system? Paste some instructions and a screenshot, or record a short video and post it below in the comments.

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