How To WIN The Dropshipping Game In 2019 / 2020

How To WIN The Dropshipping Game In 2019 / 2020

In this video I reveal why dropshipping will never be the same. Strategies from 2017 / 2018 are no longer effective, and you will get absolutely DESTROYED if you don’t adapt to the new rules. 

There are immediate changes you need to make in your mindset. Competition is heavy, people are entering every day, established players are fighting like sharks for market share, and you will get completely wiped out, unless you start thinking about dropshipping in a whole different way. 

Luckily for you, this video will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to survive in 2019 / 2020.

I’m spending over $5MM on facebook ads every month for my own stores and my clients. 

I’ve built several 7-figure stores, and sold some of them for a huge profit. 

So, as you can see, this information is not coming from someone who made a few lucky sales last night.

I’ve been in this game since the beginning.

So if you should listen to someone about dropshipping, it’s me.

Hope you enjoyed this video!

Strategies from 2017/2018 are no longer effective. What happened?

If you want to adapt for the dropshipping world in 2019, you need to move towards a niche, or one product store strategy to differentiate yourself from the mass of sellers.

Everyone is selling all kinds of products, they have unrelated categories, like pets, home, gadgets, phone cases, sports equipment, and lamps. 

General stores don’t convert as well, because a lot of people got burned by scam general dropshipping stores in 2017/2018

People are no longer tolerant for 20 days shipping

If you have a general store that offers everything, but you are expensive and you ship too slowly, people will just go to the best general store on the planet, Amazon, and find your products there. 

But if you niche-down, you can build a brand, keep stock in several warehouses, and ship products quickly to people

Focus more on web design

More focus on web design to not be perceived as “another drop shipper”? (compare a “brand” website vs a cheesy dropshipping site)  (BRAND STORE) (DROPSHIPPING STORE)

Focus more on brand

Focus on lifestyle images, rather than copy/pasted white background photos from Aliexpress

Transition to a private label brand as soon as possible

In 1-2 years, Aliexpress will no longer be the GO-TO place for dropshipping, you now have sourcing agents that can arrange deliveries in less than a week, they can do private-labeling for you, custom packaging, etc.

Use influencers to generate content and spread the word for you

Use fulfilment centers and deliver FAST

Facebook is giving POLLS to people about their experience with your store. If they haven’t received their product in 2 weeks, your ad account gets SHUT DOWN

Invest in VAs and build a world-class customer service

Multi-channel advertising


Google ads




IG following





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