How To Test Creatives For Facebook Ads (The RIGHT Way) | Dropshipping & Ecommerce

In this video, I show you how to PROPERLY structure and test creatives with your facebook ads (specifically for dropshipping & ecommerce). The strategies you’ll see in this video are proven to work in 2019, simply because I’ve tested them by spending over $30MM on facebook ads (this year alone)

If you’re running a dropshipping or ecommerce store and your campaigns are not performing well, don’t give up just yet! You may be one step away from finding the winning audience/angle/creative combination, and scaling your campaign to 6-Figures!

Also, finding dropshipping products is just one part of the equation. You may have found a winning product, but you have yet to find the winning facebook ads that will sell it thousands of times! (copy-pasting others is not a solution)



Here are the key takeaways from the video: 


  • You are not testing enough creatives/combinations
  • Creative is one of the biggest factors that determine the success of your campaigns


What elements you can test: 


  • Different CTA buttons
  • Same creative, different headline
  • Same creative, different texts
  • Video vs image
  • Video vs Carousel
  • Video vs video
  • Square vs Vertical

Method #1: Manual Testing



-2-5 ads per ads-set

– conventional method

– find winners, kill losers

– 2 -4 ads ideally (depends on budget)



– job must be done manually 

– facebook might not allocate budgets evenly (pick the winner too early)


The most reasonable structure 

– video 1 + text 1

– video 2 + text 2

– video 1 + text 2

– video 2 + text 1


More tips

  • Turn off ads with low ROI first, ad-sets second
  • Test a small number of ads
  • Always test one variable at a time


Method #2: Automatic split-tests



  • Created specifically for tests
  • Facebook sends you explicit statistics
  • No overlapping of audiences



  • Need a large audience
  • Possible to pay WAY more than you would normally with manual testing
  • I personally don’t like this one, I don’t find it practical, and have not found much success with it
  • Test only one feature/variable
  • Limit your split test to A/B testing only
  • Think about the required sample size and time
  • Differences in samples must be significant


Method #3: Dynamic Creatives



  • You only give the input data
  • Facebook randomly mixxes up variables to find the best-performing combinations
  • Max 5 titles
  • Up to 10 vids/images
  • Max 5 texts
  • Max 5 descriptions
  • Up to 5 call-to-actions


More tips:

  • Use your common bidding strategy
  • Stick to broad targeting
  • Your texts/videos/headlines should be universal
  • Monitor the performance



  • You don’t have it on all objectives
  • Needs large audiences to work properly


How I reverse-engineer the desires of my audience and find the creatives that will satisfy them


  • First, I determine what are the different benefits that might be attractive to my potential audiences. If I’m selling a phone, they could be:
  • Powerful camera
  • Big screen
  • Long battery life
  • Design (status)
  • Waterproof
  • Etc.

In the example you saw in the video, I was selling a product that helps you deal with foot pain. So my ad-sets were structured in this way:


  • Compliments
  • Comfort 
  • Pain-relief


In each ad-set, I’d use Dynamic Creatives that address the angle for that specific ad-set. (all ads talk about the pain-relief benefit of the product, for example).


And in the video, you can see how one of the angles outperformed the others significantly. So what I’d do next is find the exact combination that produced those results (using dynamic creative breakdown). Then I will create even more similar ads, and target even more audiences.

See how powerful dynamic creative can be?

Hope you found this useful!

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