How to Scale Facebook Ads from 0 to $30,000 per day in 7 Days (step – by – step tutorial)

How to Scale Facebook Ads from 0 to $30,000 per day in 7 Days (step - by - step tutorial)

In this video I reveal the exact step-by-step strategy we used to scale our Shopify store from $0 to $30,000 / day in just ONE week using facebook ads. If you struggle with scaling fb campaigns PROFITABLY  for your dropshipping store, or ecommerce branded store, then this strategy is exactly what you need!


One of the most important aspects of your ecommerce business is your BACKEND

Cinemas only make around 4.3% profit margin from ticket sales, but they make an additional $10 – $15 on the BACKEND selling popcorn, soft drinks, sweets, alcohol, etc. 

95% of the people who visit your website WILL NOT BUY. This doesn’t mean you should just let them go. You must try to capture their email addresses with exit intent pop-ups that offer some sort of a discount/incentive. 

Once you collect someone’s email, you send them an automated email that contains that discount code. Then you send them 2-3 follow-up reminders to make sure people actually use that discount and buy something. Always insert a deadline, and make it short.

$14k screenshot

This exact strategy generated $14k in sales for us in just ONE month. 

That’s 14k we would’ve spent on customer acquisition, but now that we have it as essentially free revenue, we can re-invest it back into the business, outbid our competitors, and repeat the same cycle, but at a larger scale. 

Facebook ads

How we were able to scale from $0 to over $30,000 per day in sales for just one WEEK? 

It all starts with a “proven” product. A proven product will normally have over 3% CTR (Facebook Campaign), under $1 CPC, and over 2% CR on the website.

We test products using the “Flex” targeting method, where we target very specific interests. We don’t worry about audience size, we only care about targeting the right people. This is the “Proof of Product” stage.

Once we’ve identified a “winner” product, we move to Manual Bidding. We identify what’s the acceptable CPA (or cost-per-sale) for us. Let’s say it’s $25. We put $50 in the manual bidding, because that way we can reach more people, and more high-quality buyers. We also expand our targeting a little bit, adding variations of the interests that worked in the “Proof of Product” stage. 

Once we’ve reached an acceptable CPA at the “Scaling Stage”, we expand our targeting to Worldwide and we start using even higher budgets. This is how you reach $30,000+ days. 

Case Study: How James Went From $0 to $100,000 per month in sales (92 days)

He used an approach called “Emulate The Winners”. Using tools like AdSpy, we were able to reverse-engineer what products other successful were selling. Then, using SimilarWeb, we analyzed their traffic trends to be sure that they are actually scaling (meaning there’s potential in the products they’re selling) 

Then we took those products, applied a different approach in our marketing, used James’ competitive advantage (web design), created better offers, and sent people daily emails (as part of the “Daily Email Blast” strategy.)

We combined it with the “Profit Explosion” strategy and “Micro Funnels” on his website to get people to buy even more products. 

Once we set up a solid BACKEND, and we knew that we will extract the maximum amount of $$$ from every customer visit, there was only one thing left to do – send more traffic to the website. 

We used Facebook Ads to do that. 

James tested products, creatives, copies, and offers using the “Flex” targeting method I mentioned earlier. Then, he expanded those interests even more and started scaling the ad-sets and ads that were working using Manual Bidding, duplicated ad-sets, and specific placements. 

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