How to reactivate Facebook ad account


How to reactivate Facebook ad account

Hey, guys. I want to share my experience recovering a banned ad account and some tips for preventing the Facebook ad account to be banned.

The main challenge right now is that Facebook tries to limit the number of accounts that aren’t being used.
So if marketers have 100+ accounts under their name created and don’t use them all, then Facebook bans those to “prevent abuse and fraud” as they say.

Now having a backend account (accounts) is a must for every advertiser, in my opinion. Just as a best practice, you must have 2 business managers and as many ad accounts open as possible in each of them.

Why? You never know when you might need them. Maybe you decide to promote some offers, or your main ad account gets disabled. Maybe you want to increase your volume and spend more on ads, reach more people. Having a backup plan is always good.

Now, you ask, if I have 5 or even 100s of ad accounts, FB will ban them, so what’s the purpose of having them?

They don’t have to be banned.

Here’s how to easily prevent your accounts from being banned. That will require few dollars to spend but might be worth it 100% long-term.