How to fix your Tracking and set up New Attribution Window

How To Fix Your Tracking and Set Up New Attribution Window

Hey, Rockstars!

Many of you have surely had a BIG TIME headache because of that Facebook’s TOTAL data reporting mess…😱

Any idea why this happened?

Well, mostly this is due to Apple’s recent ITP update reducing 1st-party cookie tracking to 7 days only. 

Basically, Apple blocks anything more than 7 days, then advertisers choosing 28 day windows will miss conversions anyway from Apple devices. 🧐

This will also allow Facebook to offload their servers and store less data on them.

Now to the Data Reporting

Facebook’s removal of a 28-day attribution setting has caused a chaos in the reporting of the campaigns 🤪

 And now many of you do not see the results as normally on a campaign level…Neither can you see the average numbers on the ad set level…

How to Fight This

Well, to be honest, very easy if you know what to do 😊

Step #1

Go to Columns -> Customize Columns and turn on the “Attribution Setting” parameter.

Step #2

See what campaigns don’t have your default attribution setting (you need to make every campaign and ad set work under the SAME attribution setting, e.g. 1-day click in this case)

Select ALL the campaigns that need to be changed (where attribution setting is not shown at all or not default, i.e. not 1-day click in this case) and TURN them ON.

Step #3

With those campaigns selected (that you have turned on), go to ad set level and do the same for ALL ad sets (turn them on).

Why you do this? 

Before, the 28-day attribution window was default. When it got removed, Facebook has not switched ALL the campaigns to a shorter attribution window but only ACTIVE ONES.

So, once you turn your campaigns and ad sets on, the attribution window will be updated automatically.

Step #4

We are not there yet though…

YOu still will not see ALL the data if you do not use the SAME window for ALL ad sets (e.g., 1-day click in this case).

Here, we see 1 7-dau click or 1 day view ad set that messes up with the whole acc.

We switch it to a 1-day click…and DONE!

Step #5

Turn back off ALL the irrelevant campaigns and ad sets and you’re good 😎

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