If I’m going to split test a new product page, can I name both page the same? and how should I start driving traffic to the new page? I mean, do I use my best performing campaign and duplicate it 2 times, 1 campaign drive traffic to my original page and 1 campaign drive traffic to my new page?

Stripe, Shopify Payments, sent me an email to let me know that they can’t provide any more support to my business.What alternatives can I use.

Ask your bank if they have a merchant account service. Oftentimes they can provide a direct merchant account service. Also, you can try with this service instead of Stripe, they are more open for dropship business model, and more chances to be approved – https://www.easypaydirect.com/ . Another option is by using PaymentCloud, which implements directly onto Shopify through Authorize.net.

If on the landing page is not a single word on shipping time. Wouldn’t that put off quite a lot of people by not knowing the expected shipping time frame?

Shipping of 10-20 days is ok. We notify customers through an order confirmation email and give them a chance to cancel their order if they don’t want to wait. Only a very small percentage of people cancel their orders. As long as you are transparent and communicating with customers you wouldn’t have issues.