[Free Course] Scaling Dropshipping Store in 2019 | $1,239,812.99 in 4 Months With ONE Product

[Free Course] Scaling dropshipping store in 2019 | $1,239,812.99 in 4 Months With ONE Product

– Brand-store is focused on one niche. 1 main niche product and several relevant upsells that can be used to up-sell and also as a gift/ incentive to buy the main product.

– We sell products that solve a problem. For example Wrinkle skin cream for skin

– Name your own store and products. You can use names of cities for example: https://www.mithrilandmages.com/utilities/CityNames.php
and then verify if they are available on godaddy.com 

– Wide niche (skin care, weight loss, gadgets) is ideal as there is a lot of room to scale

– Saturation is not a problem. Angles is the problem. Think about iPhone is being sold for last 6 years. Same product. Just some new features every year and angle they use to sell it.  Sells for billions of dollars every year.

– Look for products proven to sell, reverse engineer what’s working but don’t JUST COPY 1-to-1 . Emulate, bring something of your own.

Tools to help you find products:
Ecom hunt 
Search pages. Info and ads
Top Shopify websites

Consistency is the key with the products you sell.

First 5 seconds is the most important part of every video

2 ways to create content:

– Use Fiverr and onlinejobs.ph for video editors and influencers to create content for you

 – Edit your own video from pieces of other content you can find

2. Build a store

Use Booster theme

Example of highly converting product page: https://itsdailycoupon.com/products/car-wash-foam-cannon

– Fewer products, a better description. Focus on less.
– Review your whole funnel, think what can be done better. AS you accumulate more data, review it again. Never stop improving.

Apps to use:
Currency converter if selling to other countries
Few other apps you can use: Recart, Klaviyo, SMS Bump
FREE SHIPPING OVER $XX, It’s by default on Booster theme or you can use  https://apps.shopify.com/free-shipping-discount-bar

3. Run Facebook ads

1. FB page focused on brand

4 thumbnails, different 5 seconds and thumbnails

10 assets $10 – $20 (depending on your budget) each  BIG 4
Big interests, 2 mil+ (can’t use less than 100,000 audiences)

Example of the setup:

25 – 55 Big 4 Car wash: PUR
25 – 55 Big 4 Car Automobiles: PUR
25 – 55 Big 4 Nissan PUR
25 – 55 Big 4 Luxury cars: PUR
25 – 55 Big 4 Hot cars: PUR

       25 – 55 Big 4 Chevrolet: PUR
       25 – 55 Big 4 DIY PUR
       25 – 55 Big 4 Carid.com: PUR
       25 – 55 Big 4 Luxury vehicle PUR
       25 – 55 Big 4 Lamborghini: PUR

Facebook suggestions, use it, it’s very powerful

Test new interests at $10 or $20, duplicate them to $50, then to $100

Scale with LLA (1-10%)

Optimize by your KPI (key performance indicator)

4. Email sequences.

Send emails daily to your list to test new offers and increase sales/ profits

Every month I choose a few entrepreneurs to personally help them scale their Facebook ads and businesses.

Watch the free training and apply here: https://www.ecommercescalingsecrets.com/home