Our break-even cost per ATC is $10. Should we kill ads that spend that much and don’t get an ATC? Or should we kill an ad set that doesn’t get an ATC after that? Or should we just look at the break-even cost per purchase and RoAS? And if so, do we look at ads or ad sets?

If you can spend 20$ to get a sale, if adsets spent 20 with zero sales, I would kill it then. Killing on adset level works better for me If it works for the last 3 days and the average ROAS falls below BE ROAS, I would kill it. If I kill the adset today, I can reactivate the same adset tomorrow to see if it gets back to good performance.

With ATC if you know you should get ATC within first $10 of spend, and you don’t get it, I would kill it.

Typically adsets either perform from start or don’t perform so that’s how I would do it.

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