Facebook Ad Account Safety CheatSheet

Facebook Ad Account Safety CheatSheet

• Don’t use aggressive photos or just stock corporate photos, red borders, arrows, etc. DO NOT piss user.

• On your website clearly disclose shipping times, FAQ, privacy policy, terms, and conditions, return policy. Make your website look like a brand website, not random offer page.

• Keep the Facebook page clean with some content, updated photos/posts, your company information, and website link

• Use profanity filter to eliminate negative comments from your ads

List of words is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a3CJnlmb3h_UO_OOZA4tuTsQ9P3hHY3fLnT_qKKxkzw/edit?usp=sharing

• Always use business manager to login into your ad account, NEVER use a personal profile to login especially from different locations

• Hide OR delete negative comments. Don’t respond to them or engage in conversation with those people

• Don’t give specific promises in your ads. Make $ in 3 months with this product. Lose XXX pounds in 2 days with this cream etc.

• Don’t call out the audience in your ads: Are you a tired truck driver? Are you frustrated with your ad results?

• Don’t use domains like myshopify, clickfunnels, leadpages. Use your own domains

• At any given point for each 1 DISAPPROVED ad, you must have 10 approved ads. Run low budget approved PPE ads to maintain this ratio.

• Have a clean business manager set up with a registered company, credit card, address etc. (must be real and congruent). Create 5-10 ad accounts from the new business manager so you have backup ad accounts

• Have a look at FB policies: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/ and make sure you don’t show too much of skin, human body, before and after weight loss, guns in your images etc.

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