CBO Scaling Cheatsheet – Create A Profitable FacebookCampaign From „0”

CBO Scaling Cheatsheet – Create A Profitable Facebook Campaign From „0” (based on a REAL Case Study)

  • Niche – Apparel

  • Client– American

  • Product – socks with colorful prints

  • Requirements – $5000/dayspend in 30 days

  • ROAS – > 1.8 (high volumes – the goal)

  • Brand new account ($0 spend before)

Phase 1: Testing Ads ($300/day – Day 1)

  • Make3-4 ads and different targeting options for 4 client avatars (see myAds Testing Cheatsheet for EVEN MORE info):

  • Identify your average customer’s image that you want to target

  • Identify their goals and how you can help achieve them

  • Identify major pain points and how your product relates to them

  • Find where they spend a lot of time

  • Think of the issues that might prevent them from buying

  • Test both ABO and CBO (See MY CBO Testing Cheatsheet posted earlier)

  • ABO – for small initial targeting tests

  • CBO – for FAST scaling

  • In the middle of the day, launch the retargeting campaign (CBO) for the middle and bottom of the funnel (if you already have traffic to retarget, you can launch this campaign in the morning). Include the following custom audiences:

  • IG Page Engagements 5 days (or longer/shorter period depending on the sample size) – exclude post engagements and content views

  • FB Page Engagements 5 days – exclude post engagementsand content views

  • Initiate Checkout 3 days

  • Adds to Cart 1 day – exclude Initiate Checkouts

  • Content Views 1 day – exclude Adds to Cart

  • IG Post Engagements 3 days – exclude Content Views

  • FB Post Engagements 3 days – exclude Content Views

  • Video Views 75% 3d – exclude FB+IG Page Engagements

*For EVERY audience, exclude Purchases for the last 30 days

  • Set up a Post Engagement campaign (up to $10) for your new ads to generate social proof

  • Don’t be scared of poor results your NEW account needs time to optimize and Pixel need data for better ROI

Phase 2: Calibrating Campaigns ($1300+/day – Day 2 through the next 2 weeks)

  • Create and scale successful tests of advertising and targeting new CBOs

  • Look for new targeting options (See my CBO Testing Cheatsheet)

  • Optimize campaigns based on the data for the past days – find THE BEST target age, placement, gender, geolocation

  • Add manual bidding for improving your KPIs further

  • Add even more new ads to “refresh” the content (use the best proven angles and placements)

  • Start with differentvariations

  • Do not be afraid to spend on testing, even at a loss – it will pay off later

  • Find 1-2 copies of the winner – they are usually seen immediately at the beginning (if not seen, then you have no winners)

  • Scale old successful campaigns, add 30% of budget (double if the results are great)

*Do not forget to increase spending in the middle and bottom of the funnel, as traffic flow through it increased


Phase 3: Iterative Mass Scaling ($2700+/day – Week 2-3)

  • Continue creating new CBOs with successful tests inside

  • Scale the best campaigns, doubling or adjusting the budget (depending on performance) – like above, the budget was raised from $200 to $400

  • Don’t forget to test new targeting options and new ads on low budgets that will not influence your performance (first ABO and then CBO level)

  • Set automatic rules to turn off “bad” campaigns as quickly as possible

  • Turn off campaigns that spent 1+*AOV today with no results

  • Turn off campaigns that are below your lifetime target ROAS with significant spend

  • Turn back on “lazy winners” – campaigns that have become successful after Facebook updated its results

Phase 4: Reach the goal ($5000+/day – Week 3-4)

  • Find 2-3 ads that are the closest to going “viral”

  • Scale all the best campaigns aggressively (doubling) the budget using only these ads

  • Build around further budget increase, creating an “evergreen” audience for targeting at least 10 mil

  • Consider expanding internationally – Europe, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, etc

  • Create LLAs from your highest value clients

  • Run more brand awareness and traffic generation campaigns to reach out to more people

  • Utilize your leads, update offers, see what’s left on stock and can be offered as a sale

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