CBO Initial Testing Cheatsheet for eCom Products – 6 Exact Steps to Follow

CBO Initial Testing Cheatsheet for eCom products – How to set up your CBO Tests like a Pro

1. Create lookalike audiences that you want to test – from 1% to 10%.

* best LLAs are made from the following CA:

Can be made in Manager –Pixel Purchases,Custom Purchases 7/30/90d,FB/IG Post Engagements last 7/30/90d, InitiateCheckout last 7/30/90d, AddToCart last 7/30/90d, Website Traffic7/90/180d, Video Views 95% last 7/30/90d

Segmented using Klaviyo or likes – 2/3+ Purchases completed, $200/300 spent, Email Subscribers list, LTV customers list (can also segment by country), 5-star reviews, VIPs (3+ purchases and $200+ spent), Churnedbuyers (at least 180d)

2. Create a CBO campaign with 4-5 ad sets inside:

If you have just recently started your campaigns and need to get more fast winners.

Way 1: 4 different custom audiences, 1% LLA from each

a. 1% LLACustom Buyers
b. 1% LLA Video Views
c. 1% AddToCart
d. 1% Post Engagers

*Adapt and adjust the list depending on which audiences have brought you most purchases on retargeting or are available for you at the moment

*If certain audiences convert well while others do not, move them to a separate campaign for even more profit

If you want to scale up and are looking for new prospecting audiences.

Way 2: One custom audience, 1-10% LLAs used

a. 1-3% LLA
b. 4-7% LLA
c. 8-10% LLA
d. BROAD – no targeting

*Exclude 30/90d Purchases/InitiateCheckout/ATC

*If BROAD outperforms your LLA audiences, the audience is not good enough

If your BROAD (no targeting) audience is SO good, meaning that your funnel is very flexible, try to find your best target age group/placement

Way 3: BROAD

a. Automatic placement/18-24 y.o.
b. Facebook+IG Feeds/25-34 y.o.
c. Facebook+IGFeeds+Stories/35-44 y.o.
d. Instagram Feeds/45-54 y.o.
e. Facebook Feeds/55+ y.o.

*Use your findings to segment out your best performing audiences for future campaigns

3. Give the following setup to adsets:

a. Min ad set spend limit – $10/15/20 (depending on which formula below you use)
b. Max ad set spend limit – $60/80/100
c. Locations – either only US or your 4-5 best performing proven locations
d. Age – either 18+ or your proven best age
e. Gender – either all or your product-specific gender
f. Languages – English (all)
g. Placement – automatic
h. Bid – automatic
i. Conversion window – 7 days after clicking or your product-specific conversion window

4. Insert your 3 best-performing ads inside each ad set (must be same ads)

a. Square or vertical images/videos
b. Carousels
c. Different angles in terms of headlines and ad copies
d. Use existing posts for more engagement

*We ALWAYS want to test one thing at a time, so let’s test the CBO targeting ONLY for now

5. CBO budget formula (to start with):

a. If the account’s budget allows – 4(ad sets)*4(ads)*$20 = $320
b. Alternatively – 4*4*$15 = $240
c. Or 4*4*$10 = $160

*REMEMBER: the smaller the budget – the more time it takes for CBO to end its learning phase and start working consistently.

6. Start:

a. Today if less than half of the account’s day has passed
b. Schedule for tomorrow otherwise

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