CBO Facebook Ads: Structure & Scaling

CBO Facebook Ads: Structure & Scaling

In this video I go over different CBO Facebook Ads strategies that I personally use for my business and my clients. 

You will see how I structure my CBO campaigns, what conditions you need to have to make CBOs work, and what kind of budgets I pick.

You will also learn how to properly optmize and scale your CBO Facebook Ads to make sure you are keeping most of the revenue you make (net profit is king).

Should you keep using ad-set budgeting?

We are still seeing good results with adset budgeting, so if you have profitable non-CBO campaigns at the moment, don’t even think about turning them off. 

Always to what works for you first. Listen to others second. 

However, think about setting a budget aside to start playing around with CBOs.

CBO will only work if your ads meet these conditions

CTR (link) ideally over 3%.

CPC (link click) under $1

CBO is a multiplier, not a miracle machine.

Pick your best ads from the non-CBO campaigns and transfer them into a CBO campaign. 

If your ads aren’t good enough and not profitable with your regular setup, CBO won’t miraculously make it work. 

How I structure my CBO campaigns

I create a normal conversions CBO campaign.

I usually start with my best-performing 3-6 ad sets to have more control, simplicity, and budget allocation

Should you turn-off ad sets inside a CBO campaign?


I spoke with a Facebook rep and they told me it’s okay to turn-off underperforming ad sets inside CBO campaigns. So whether you use automation rules, or you do it manually – closely monitor your ad sets and don’t hesitate to kill the losers.

What budgets I pick for my CBO Facebook Ads campaigns

I recommend you start with at least $500, 5 ad-sets maximum. So about $100 per day, per ad-set (more if you kill underperforming ad sets)

How I optimize and scale my CBO campaigns

I turn-off underperforming ad-sets inside the CBO. I base my decisions on the conversion window for every particular product. (1/3/7 day). Usually I wait about 3 days before I kill an ad-set. 

The same applies for those ad-sets that perform well. If they stay consistent for 3 days, I duplicate the adset and 2X the budget. Make sure each adset is 5M+, so you don’t exhaust the audience fast. 

The most important thing to remember about CBO Facebook Ads

At the end of the day, CBO is just a new optimization method from Facebook. It’s not a magic pill, or the key to your success. It doesn’t change your business metrics, or your bottom line. Your business fundamentals are still the same. 

Work out your margins, work out your AOV, work out your funnel, THEN CBO will be easy for you to implement PROFITABLY. 


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