CBO Facebook Ads: Re-Targeting Strategy

CBO Facebook Ads: Re-Targeting Strategy

In this video I talk about my CBO Facebook Ads re-targeting strategy. I show you step-by-step how to structure your CBO campaign, how to optimize it, and how to scale it to extract even more $$$ from your warm and hot audiences!

CBO is still a tricky subject. We are all running tests, and we are all trying to “crack it”. In essence, here are the Pros and Cons of running CBO Facebook Ads right now: 


– Easier to manage

– Can provide more scaling opportunities

– Can be helpful in limiting audience overlap


– Sometimes unreliable performance

– Requires a bigger budget to start

– Requires ongoing patience due to unpredictability

Should you keep using ad-set budgeting?

We are still seeing good results with adset budgeting, so if you have profitable non-CBO campaigns at the moment, don’t even think about turning them off. 

Always to what works for you first. Listen to others second. 

However, think about setting a budget aside to start playing around with CBOs.

How I structure a CBO Retargeting Campaign

3-5 ad-sets inside a CBO campaign. A good starting budget for a CBO Retargeting Campaign is $100 / day. Keep it under 8 ad sets for better distribution. 

Ad Set #1:

30d website visitors

Ad Set #2:

30d ATC

Ad Set #3:

30d engaged with page

Ad Set #4:

30d 95% video viewers

Ad Set #5:

30d IC

When you should disable loser ad sets inside the CBO?

I turn-off underperforming ad-sets inside the CBO. I base my decisions on the conversion window for every particular product. (1/3/7 day). Usually I wait about 3 days before I kill an ad-set. 

What to do if an ad set is performing well?

Monitor the frequency. If it’s not too high and you have an ad set that’s generating consistent results over 3 days, increase the budget by 30-50%, or duplicate the ad-set and 2X the ad set budget. 

The advanced LLA audiences you should be targeting TODAY

Top 10% Spent Time on the website 


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