Best Targeting Strategy For Facebook Ads In 2019

Best Targeting Strategy For Facebook Ads In 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

How Facebook targeting works:

– Facebook is smart, use its algorithm
– Keep it simple and logical
– The more you advertise – the less targeting you need
– With data and lookalikes, you can find a huge amount of audiences to target
– You need any special “apps” with targeting to make $100,000 – $1,000,000 per month
– Don’t go after audiences smaller than 100,000 people. Even better if you go after 500,000+ audiences. Let Facebook do its work
– Start with 10 interests, find winners, expand from there. Once you have a data use lookalikes
– View it as testing cycles
– There are only 3 variables to a successful Facebook campaign: Funnel – Targeting – Ads (Creative). If none of your targeting options work, then it could be your ads or funnel

3 types of targeting

General interests
 – Behaviors
 – Lookalikes

Selling Skincare cream -> Target Skin Care

Weight loss
Skin care
Online shopping

Engaged shoppers

Use suggestions
Use audience insights


 Start using lookalikes from 500 events (in my experience that’s when it starts to perform )

Start with Purchase 1%, last 30 days
Expand 3,7,21,30,60,90,180 days
And to 1-2,2-3% etc
and gradually go down from there

The structure for testing 
10 interests $10 each OR $100 with CBO

4 ads in each (4 creatives to test and find a winner). If videos, different first 5 seconds.

You can use a combination of flex targeting AND 1 interest per adset. Just see what works best for you. Typically we do 50/50 split.
50 with flex. 50 with just 1 interest/ behavior

Kill losers – scale winners! Never stop testing. Repeat. That’s all there is to Facebook ads.

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