Advanced LLA Creation Cheatsheet – Segment Your Audiences Like a PRO

Advanced LLA Creation Cheatsheet – Segment Your Audiences Like a PRO

Lookalikes (LLA) are the audiences that should be created from Custom Audiences (CA) that perform BEST for you.

DO NOT make LLAs out of just every audience you have, hoping that it’s gonna work!

*See my CBO Testing Cheatsheet for learning how to set up your LLA tests.

The process of making LLAs is simple and straightforward. You just need a CA with at least 100 people from the same country.

The process of extracting CAs for these LLAs is NOT THAT simple.

There are 2 MAIN ways to create LLAs for Facebook ads:

1. Easy way – LLAs from website traffic events and FB/IG Page traffic

A. Website traffic:

Based on your Pixel data and your default/custom Pixel events.

Such LLAs can be made of:

  • All website visitors (7, 30 days) – if you are just starting and do not have a lot of data, this is something you can use. Easy to populate, but the quality is not that high, as not all your website visitors are your buyers.

Use the most recent visitors (last 7 or 30 days) to make a CA base for your LLA – your sales will often depend on the time of the season.

  • Top 25%/10%/5% visitors (3, 7, 30 days) – these are much more valuable visitors as they’ve spent much more time on the website.

As you get moredata, you should transition to this audience for giving your LLAs more value.

Again, if possible, use Top 25%/10%/5% visitors for the last 30, 7, or even 3 days, depending on the volume of your website traffic.

  • AddToCart (3, 7, 30, 90, 180 days) – the people who have reached your cart is another higher-quality segment that you want to test.

When you choose the time-frame for the base CA, choose one that reflects the most your goals:

Think of this trade-off – more people inside a CA give you a larger sample for Facebook to extract value from. On the other hand, including only the most recent adds to cart will cut off OR leave only seasonal buyers.

SO, you are in the middle of your BFCM sale week.          

You already have 1000+ ATCs generated.

You take them ONLY and make a LLA audience (for the last 3 days).

Your LLA will include ONLY the people who are likely to buy during this period.

OR, it’s early January, and the sale period is over.

You take a broader perspective to NOT just concentrate on sales-lovers.

You make a CA from AddToCart for the last 180 days.

You get the LLAs that are more similar to your average lifetime buyer.

InitiateCheckout (3, 7, 30, 90, 180 d) and Purchase  (3, 7, 30, 90, 180 d) – these audiences will add even more value to your LLAs as they will include the people who are MOST LIKELY tobuy from you based on Pixel data.

You can also create straight-ahead LLAs without making CAs first that will additionally include lifetime using Default Pixel events.

B. Social pages’ traffic

The lookalikes that are worth being tested but are often being neglected are ones created from Facebook and Instagram engagement. Again, considering that they are composed on the basis of the large CA most of the times, consider short time slots:

– FB Page/Post Engagements last 3, 7, 14, 30 days

– IG Page/Post Engagements last 3, 7, 14, 30 days

*Usually, you should go for the medium that has stronger community and online presence for you to create higher-quality lookalikes.

2. Complex way –LLAs from CAs created by Klaviyo, Mailchimp or other email automation software.

Creating customer segments using Klaviyo or alikes is the way to boost value of your LLAs.

In order to create a segment in Klaviyo, you need to:

– Go to Lists & Segments

– Click Create List/Segment

– Setup required segment conditions (location, action taken, properties)

*You can use 2 standard logical operands: AND – to narrow down your search yet extract a higher-value group; OR – to make a broader audience for the cost of value.

The segments that we have tested A LOT and recommend the most are:

– 2/3+ Purchases completed,

– $200/300 spent,

– Email Subscribers list,

– LTV customers list (can also segment by country),

– 5-star reviews,

– VIPs (3+ purchases and $200+ spent),

– Churned buyers ( have not bought from your for at least 180d)

Next, you go ahead and synchronize the created lists with Facebook using the same software (Klaviyo, Mailchimp etc.). Make sure that you connect to your BM.

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