$5 Ad-Sets: A TERRIBLE Facebook Ads Strategy For 2019

$5 Ad-Sets: A TERRIBLE Facebook Ads Strategy For 2019

In this video, I share with you the insights I got from attending a private Facebook HQ training. These are high-level, 2019 facebook ads strategies, coming directly from Facebook’s “kitchen” 

I also show you what results I’m getting with CBO Facebook Ads at the moment, and what are my budgeting & targeting strategies. Learn them, apply them in your dropshipping / ecommerce business, and crush it in Q4 this year!

The simpler your campaign structure, the easier you can scale

  • Facebook is a learning machine, if you have a lot of moving parts, it becomes more difficult for the machine to operate

  • Removing redundancy is the first step

  • 5 ads-sets at $100 is BETTER THAN 100 ad-sets at $5 each

  • No detailed targeting, no magic, keep it open

  • Designed for big audiences, big budgets, and fast learning

Case study: Bombas

    • They had 70+ ad-sets in the beginning

    • Killed them all

    • Created 2 ads-sets – broad & 1% LLA

    • 23x increase in sales

CBO: The secret sauce

Where does CBO allocate the budget:

1. Where the performance is best AT THE MOMENT (max conversions)

2. Where the performance is expected to be best long term (max value)

Works PROactively, not REactively

Broad targeting - another key to account simplification

With narrow targeting, each conversion makes the pool of potential buyers SMALLER

Less constraints = bigger pool

The Facebook system needs DATA, not TIME.

Instead of running $5 ad-sets for 1 week, just run a $35 ad-set for 1-2 days and get the same (or even better) data. 

Final words


Take care of them first: 

Good CTR. Good CPC. Good creative. Good product. Good offer. Good funnel. 

Then simplify your account and prepare it for scaling. 


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