3 TOP Insights on How to Scale Facebook Ads Campaigns in 2019

3 TOP Insights on How to Scale Facebook Ads Campaigns in 2019

The problem that distinguishes great Facebook ads managers from others on the market – how to spend more without hurting your ROAS?

I am sure, many of you wondered how many online marketing masterminds spend millions of $$$ per month on advertising, while still delivering great results to their clients. Here, I will share with you some of the secrets I have found out without my career.

– Please note that you need to meet the following requirements before you start scaling your budgets:

a. You already have a fine workable funnel that you are sure of.

b. Have your life-time value customers’ list and know best interests in your niche.

c. You know that Facebook Ads is the best platform for you to use.

1. Know and use your major KPIs.

While ULTIMATELY the only KPIs that matter for us are the spend and number of conversions, to get these as high as possible, we need to study the following parameters in our business manager:

– Traffic segments:




Device used

Audience Interest

– Funnel metrics:

CPC (cost per click)

CTR (click-through rate)

CPA (cost per acquisition)

CPM (cost per 1000 impressions)

Frequency (how often your target audience sees the same ad)

As for the latter category, you SIMPLY MUST have it in your Facebook Ads Manager interface and monitor it all the time. Make sure that you understand what your limits are in terms of CPA so that you remain profitable. 

For more information, check my PERSONAL checklist on how to setup the Facebook manager view.

2. Use Lookalike and BEST Interests Audiences.

1. Scale your lookalikes for purchases only.

– Test your Pixel purchase/custom event lookalike audiences on 1 to 10% rates (take US, CA, UK, and AU as lookalike audience locations).

In case you are not sure what is lookalike audiences and how to use them, you might want to check this great Facebook article about it.

Otherwise, you go ahead and try starting from there – take your Facebook Pixel data, select the recommended setup, and create the 10 different lookalike audiences.

– Pay attention to the volume of your audience. Ideally, it should be around 5M people or more for one lookalike. You can stack several lookalike audiences into one if the numbers are lower.

– Pick up at least 3, at most 8, lookalikes that performed best for you as the winners and kill the rest of ad sets. CBO will adjust the budget for you.

– Duplicate the CBO with your winners into the new campaign and scale it up gradually until your reach the maximum of sales.

You can start from a $150 budget and raise it to $1000 or even higher.

2. Test and scale lookalikes for purchases, initiate checkout, and added to cart visitors.

– Again, you create around 10-15 ad sets with 1-10% lookalike audiences, this time for not only purchases but also initiate checkout and added to cart events.

It’s best to set up your CBO campaign budget to at least $300 at this point.

– Take the 5 winners out of the tested lookalikes and duplicate them into the new CBO with a 2x budget.

– Again, continue scaling them as long as your income gets higher.

3. Add interests for broader audience.

– If you have the interests that worked well for you in the past, take them and use for your CBOs.

This will give the Facebook algorithms more space for the maximum optimization.

– You can use Facebook suggestions and Audience Insights as well to get even more ad sets for testing inside your CBO.


Do not forget that audiences MAY OVERLAP. If the overlap between two different audiences is +80%, you won’t likely get great sales with them.

3.Use Automated Rules.

We are only humans and cannot check EVERYTHING 24/7. Worry not – Facebook has taken care of that with its Automated Rules. Probably, you are all using them, but which ones are THE BEST?

I personally utilize 4 following rules when I have to operate with large budgets:

1. SCALE WINNERS with CPA < Target CPA.

Apply to all active adsets whose CPA in the past 3 days was lower than your target CPA. Increase their budget by no more than 30% at a time.

2. REDUCE BUDGETS on RUNNER-UPS with CPA/Target CPA =< 10%.

If you have some ads that are underperforming JUST A BIT, try to scale them down by same up-to-30%.


You have probably seen that sometimes FB updates data a bit later, and it takes up to a few days for conversion to happen.

Because of this, some of your adsets with be turned off while still being winning adsets eventually.

Use the rule to check your performance data for such ‘lazy winners’ each 7 days and re-activate them.

4. KILL LOSERS ASAP – CPA/Target CPA > 30%!

What I have realized after some time in Facebook ads management is that if something does not work at the beginning, it will not work at all!

Here, set up a rule to be checked daily for all active ad sets. No mercy or hope that the Facebook will optimize – kill losers and concentrate on winners ASAP.

To Wrap It Up

3 MOST ESSENTIAL things to use for scaling are:

– Knowing your KPIs and being able to interpret them

– Using the right audience testing strategy

– Utilizing automated rules

Of course, there is SO MUCH MORE on the table. So, if you are interested in me continuing to share such insights with you, let me know!

Plus, if you already know some other tips that you can give to those who are just starting, share them with us. Facebook Ads Rockstars will GREATLY APRREACIATE your input. So will I!

Let’s share our ideas and boost our sales together!

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