12 Video Ads Hacks

12 Video Ads Hacks to Get the Most Viewers Engaged

Nowadays, tens of thousands of enterprises worldwide advertise their products using Facebook. They post creative videos, appealing pictures, and interesting texts to read.

In a world where the viewer sees so much content daily online, how can you be better than others?

How do you make a strong appealing message or create the most effective video ad?

How do you fight for viewers with cute little puppies and hot Instagram bloggers?

Here, you will find the best ways to boost your audience engagement, without spending extra costs on ad promotions. Let’s go!

1. Square videos are the best performing format.

Many business researches, including the Buffer case study, show that this video format is most effective.

According to the statistics, people tend to watch ads on mobile phones most of the times, and square videos fit the platform the best.

PRO TIP: ou can use tool like Creator Kit to create content quickly, even if you have no technical skills. Check it out here.

2. First 3 seconds – the most important part.

In Facebook videos, long introductions lead to no success.

Your ads must captivate the viewer immediately! Give your potential buyers as much as you can in these first 3 seconds, before they close your ad. Make them drawn to the idea that you show something unique.

Consider these few ideas for the beginning of your video:

– Take strong and captivating thumbnail images.

– Add a cook teaser phrase on the screen for a hint.

– Your strongest frame must be your first frame.

3. Make a nice appealing title for your video.

Think about metadata – your video names should already show the viewer why they should buy your product.

Consider these examples that brought millions of likes to the owners: “Shell | Best Day of My Life”, “Custom Machiko Dog HATS! Adorable”, “This bracelet helps save the ocean”, “One Grip for ALL Bolts”.

What is your unique selling value? Give it to the buyer immediately in the title

4. Do not forget to add captions.

About 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound off.

You must use this to your benefit and use captions in your video ads to grab people’s attention even if they cannot hear you.

Here is a short Facebook guide that will help you add captions to your video creatives.

5. Make a brief but informative post description.

Another way to grab people’s attention is a short video description, where you AGAIN should put your unique selling value.

If you tell the viewer what the video is about beforehand, you get a much higher chance that they will go ahead and actually watch it.

Small tip: even the smallest discount offers will boost the number of your product video views. Obvious? yes! Important? 10 times yes!

6. Upload your videos directly on Facebook.

According to Quintly, you get a roughly 530%!!! higher chance to have your video commented when you use ‘native’ videos instead of using secondary distributing platforms such as YouTube.

Moreover, using the direct upload introduces such unique Facebook features for you as Facebook Live or Facebook 360. You can read more about how to create videos with Facebook here.

7. ABSOLUTELY add a call-to-action

Call-to-action (CTA) gives your users a straightforward idea of what they should do. By using CTA, you will definitely boost your click-through rates and get higher ROAS.

Where should you put it?

– In your video description

– Inside the video itself

– At the end of the video using text overlay.

8. Put tags in the description or even in the video itself.

Tagging is another way to get your video reach larger audience and make viewers interested in the content. Say, you filmed Justin Bieber for one of your creatives to reach out to his enormous fan base.

How will they know about it? Well, tag Justin Bieber in your Facebook post.

BUT do not go too far with tagging. It’s important to only make relevant tags, to make sure that only your target audience will see your video.

To tag a person or a page in your post, simply press ‘@’ and enter their Facebook name.

9.Target the right audience.

As you know, Facebook shows your ads to the people that fit the most into the audience that you choose for your ad set.

To reach out to all your potential buyers, use Facebook Audience Insights.

Analyze the data related to your page:

– Similar pages;

– What your buyers like the most;

– Age and gender;

– Potential buyers’ location.

You should also get the most out of the Lookalike Audiences – the Facebook users that are the most similar to those who already purchased your product.

10. Choose the right time for video publication.

Again, think about your audience. Are they inside the US mostly?

If yes, then you should post your ads when the number of potential engaged viewers is on the peak – lunchtime, dinner, grocery shopping time, etc.

11. Use video insights metrics to analyze performance.

Facebook provides business a number of different analytical tools for data analysis. Video’s performance insights is one of them.

You should closely monitor your ads performance – test and learn. What is working best for you might not work well for others. However, for everyone working with video ads, number of engagements is the best metric to show you if your videos are viewed by the right audience.

The ‘Golden Rule’ of Facebook Ads Management says, “Do not touch what’s already working”. But before it starts working, your task is to find that right spot that will books your sales.

12. Use Facebook Live.

If you did not know this, live videos on Facebook have the highest priority within its algorithm.

So, when you go live, you will most likely get more engagements and views comparing to your normal routine video ads.

Alright, to wrap it up

For being successful in Facebook video making, you should:

– Use the square video format;

– Choose a strong title, with your unique selling value inside it;

– Put a cool offer in the description, use hashtags;

– Grab your viewer’s attention within the first three seconds;

– Ensure that, even muted, your video provides necessary info;

– Add a call-to-action, either in the description or in the video itself;

– Choose the right audience and monitor your video metrics.

So, in the end, you get something like this!

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So, find your inspiration and go ahead – make perfect video ads for your products!

How is it different from what you used to doing? Do you have any other tips that you’d ad? We are always open for further discussion – so come and shoot it.

Let’s share our ideas and boost our sales together!

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