12 One-Pagers From Facebook HQ

12 One-Pagers From Facebook HQ You Should Read Now

Ever been stuck on your Facebook Ads Manager page when creating new ads or ad sets? So many options to choose from appear on your screen – optimization, audiences, bidding strategies…What is better and what is worse? What should you choose for your product?

Well, Facebook helps you with all of them by issuing its one-sheeter guides on different subjects. All you need to do is to find and read them through.

1. Measure the value of campaign budget optimization

Sometimes, instead of immediately setting up campaigns with the automatic campaign budget optimization (CBO), you should test if it’s worth it. For this, you need a campaign that:

     – Has 1+ ad set;

     – Uses daily budgets for each ad set;

     – Is not a CBO campaign yet.

Facebook allows to Test and Learn such campaigns, making 2 copies out of them and simultaneously measuring which one performs better. 

2. Metrics Labelling and Removal

Continuously, Facebook updates their Ads Manager pages while introducing or removing some features.

By checking this pamphlet, you may find out, which metrics will be removed soon. So, you will be expecting the changes that might occur soon.

3. Video Requirements One-Sheeter

Often, you make a great creative – colorful, interesting, and engaging – yet, for some reason, it does not get as many impressions and clicks as you had anticipated. Why so?

Well, different platforms have varying requirements for the video setup. So, before creating an ad set, check this quick Facebook sheet to make sure that you have a right video format to use.

4. Conversion Lift

You might have heard about conversion lift and its importance on measuring the efficiency of your Facebook ads. How does it work though?

In this brief guide, you will find some strong arguments for using this statistical data. Plus, you will get a clear algorithm of how you can get the conversion lift.

5. The Ad Copy Cheat Sheet

On this page, you will find a small yet comprehensive list of “hacks” that will help you improve your advertising technique. Although short, these pieces of advice are the essentials that everyone must know and use when making ads.

6. Your guide to Facebook bid strategy

This one is probably one of the most important one-sheeters for advertisers who want to boost their sales!

Ever tried the manual bidding strategy? Should you go for highest value or lowest cost? It’s always a tradeoff between the two things that you must consider.

This one-sheeter gives you a brief outlook at the different bidding strategies that you might want to test for your Facebook campaigns. You can try strategies orientated on consistency or scale up as fast as you can

7. Advanced Matching

As you all know, putting Facebook Pixel on your website is a must for successful business making.

Yet, you can go further and improve the matching provided by the pixel. All you need to do is to slightly “improve” your pixel base code function by adding to it visitors’ data as a JSON object. It is extremely important for tracking the clients who have their cookies off.

8. Conversion Tracking

You can go even further and track the specific actions that visitors perform on your website.

Overall, there are several actions (events) that you may record by using Facebook Pixel. They include:

     – Standard Events (AddToCart, PageView, Purchase, etc);

     – Custom Events – events that help you track actions of your specific custom audiences;

     – Custom Conversions – here you can track actions performed by viewers of one or a combination of your            specific website pages.

Here, you can see the tracking of a purchase event when the visitor spent at least a certain amount of money.

9. Value Optimization with Minimum ROAS Bidding

This short article contains several tips for advertisers who prefer manual value optimization strategies.

If you struggle to tune your minimum ROAS correctly, check up some tips in that one-sheeter.

10. Facebook Pixel Events

This is a brief but fantastically informative guide on how to use your Facebook Pixel correctly.

Here, you will find out about what Pixel events you should pick for your business and what audiences you can create with its help.

11. Click-to-Messenger Campaign

Would you like to get in touch with your potential buyers through the Messenger App?

Well, then you must check this one-sheeter for sure! It contains 5 great tips on how to set up your click-to-Messenger campaigns and get the most out of it.

12. Controlling frequency on Facebook

If your ads are shown to the public too often, this obviously leads to underperformance and the drop of your ROAS. Did you know that you could set up a frequency cap to not make your clients tired of your pics and videos?

Whether yes or not, you should read this pamphlet as it contains some very useful hacks for controlling ad frequency correctly based on different objectives.

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That will be all for now. Although there are dozens of other interesting one-sheeters on Facebook, you should start with these ones for sure.

So please go ahead and check the guides. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on them and maybe also let us know which other one-sheeters you found helpful for yourself.

Let’s share our ideas and boost our sales together!

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