For any beginner wanting to start a successful online business…

Discover How To Start A Profitable Ecom Brand From Scratch In As Little As 12 Weeks (BBA)

Scale your business to the next level by utilizing experience, learning from other’s mistakes and always be on top of what does and what doesn’t work from the top performing eCommerce entrepreneurs in the industry.

What is the Brand Builders Academy coaching program (BBA)?

BBA is designed to take you from knowing nothing about eCommerce or making money online, to having a profitable online store generating $1,000/day in sales in as little as 90 days. In this beginner-friendly coaching program, you’ll get access to 24/7 support with 7-figure coaches, step-by-step video content that brings you through a 9-phase process, 13 extra video training modules, 10 live Q&A/coaching calls per week, and exclusive access to our Skool community with over 1,060 other aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself.

We will provide you with winning products on a weekly basis, access to 2 coaching calls with other 6-7 figures per month entrepreneurs and 24/7 support. On top of that, top notch Facebook ads and Pinterest ads training, templates, swipe files and a community filled with top performing eCommerce entrepreneurs in the industry.
The goal is to give you the ability to see any store/ funnel as components (like Lego) that you can use to scale a 7-figure profit business and prepare it for an exit (if that’s your goal).

The three pillars of BBA are:

1. Product Research

g entrepreneurs like yourself. The three pillars of BBA are: 1. Product Research My team of ecommerce millionaires and I will hold your hand to help you find products that are already proven to sell. This way, there’s no guesswork on your end, and you’ll never get lost on your journey toward building your very own profitable ecommerce store.

2. Building A High-Converting Store

The average ecommerce store converts at 2.5%. My team and I will help your store convert up to 5%, just like we’ve already done for thousands of other successful students. We’ll hand you the proven copy-and-paste templates we’re currently using in our brands to convert traffic and take home as much profit from our stores as possible.

3. Paid Ads

My team of 7 figure coaches and I have spent over $75 million on paid ads. We’ve combined all of our expertise into Brand Builders Academy to show you exactly how to run ads yourself. This way, you can simply use what we’ve already learned to make more money in much less time.

What You Will Learn

  • How to select a proven product with 7-figure potential to build your brand around
  • How to use Instagram influencers to source you a ton of high-converting creative for your ads
  • How to test products using Facebook ads without wasting too much money on testing
  • How to prevent getting your account banned or disabled by Facebook
  • How to get your products delivered from China in 5-9 days cheaper than Aliexpress and automate the fulfillment process (I'll shoot you an introduction to my proven agents)
  • We'll even give you 1 proven product AND funnel that you can sell right now (guaranteed to sell $500 -$1,000 a day minimum)
  • How to build your team ( templates/ best practices / structure and tools for communication)
  • High-level strategies for optimizing your ads and maximizing your ROI
  • How to brand your store and build something sustainable and valuable long-term
  • How you can build a bulletproof infrastructure, making your business competition-proof and scalable
Who is Brand Builders Academy for: 

Brand Builders Academy is a mastermind for high-earning ecommerce sellers, but to join you need more than just some money in the bank. Our strength/results come from our collective experience and open cooperation, and for the benefit of the group we only accept those who fit our unique set of criteria:

  • You have the attitude of taking action
  • You are coachable and implementing fast
  • You don’t know how to make money online
  • You want to replace your 9-5 income and work less
  • You want to make 10k/mo profit from your online store
  • You want to start a profitable eCommerce brand from scratch
  • You have the willingness to learn and follow the proven process

Benjamin H.

for 3 years in eCom business and for 1,5 years in the ESS program. Found very helpful the database that is in the program where he can find an answer and don't have to lose his time to searching the answer in 1000 of different sources. Also, he very appreciates the direct answers he can get from Alex and the weekly Q&A calls are very valuable for him.

Brandon B.

before he joined the ESS program his main source of learning were the YouTube videos, but when he tried to create his business based on this knowledge he failed. After he joined to ESS program he was impressed that he can get an answer to any question here. Everything is very well organized. He started to have his first success and he believes that with ESS if you put the work in you will succeed.

Nikola B.

before ESS his main issue was to select the right products and make them profitable. In the ESS program, he got the information on how to select the right product and how to launch it. Now he is on $5k-$10k profit every month, which he considers is a good return of investment in the program. For him is also very valuable the data that is in the course and Alex's couches that helped him every time he had a question

Ecommerce Scaling Secrets is a premium mentorship program designed to help you scale your store to 6-7 figures per month consistently and profitably within 12 weeks. We do this by honing in on 4 critical pillars that every successful eComm store must have.
Take Matt for example:

Matt - the owner of the eCommerce company that sells all sorts of merchandise. He spends about $150k per month on Facebook. He starts working with Alex, where Alex delivered him an ROI as he never had before. For him is very valuable the knowledge Alex has about Facebook ads strategies, and that he is available and super professional. And the most important, that he delivers results all the time.

Here’s what Matt has to say about working with Alex:

Pillar 1

The First Pillar is our (Funnel Scaling Method) - In order to increase your revenue, first thing we have to do is hone in on your infrastructure (Product, Funnel, Logistics).

We need to optimize your infrastructure so that you can maximize the traffic you’re generating so you’re not leaving thousands on the table every month. We will implement our funnel scaling framework and transition you into a fully functioning sales funnel that will ultimately increase your AOV while simultaneously increasing your conversion rate and overall profitability.

We’ll also implement our backend marketing framework so that you can start increasing the LTV of your customers. We’ll show you how to generate an extra 20% of revenue per month just by having the right back end email marketing system in place (all of the templates, step by step instructions and proven results agencies and brands hire us for are shared within the program).

Pillar 2

Scaling - Once we’ve optimized your infrastructure we will focus on optimizing and restructuring your ads on FB. We will share with you our FB scaling methods that have allowed our students to generate over $120 million in sales over the past year and a half.

As a result of restructuring your ads on FB, you'll be sending higher quality traffic to a store that is converting at a higher level. You blend this with what was implemented in the first pillar, you will be able to scale more consistently and profitably.

Pillar 3

Diversification - Once we’ve restructured your AD strategy on FB and you begin to scale. It’s about making your store consistent, profitable and secure. In order to be consistent and profitable you simply can’t depend on one traffic source. For example, what happens to your store if FB were to stop working? Or if your ad account gets shut down? Because of that, we are going to diversify your marketing channels and implement a new traffic source into your business and that will be Pinterest. As a result, you're simply pouring more gasoline into the fire so that you can continue to scale consistently and profitably.

So as you’re scaling simply driving traffic from FB…. implementing a new marketing channel like Pinterest won’t only increase your sales and let you hit numbers you’ve never hit before, but your business will be more consistent and secure because if something did happen to one of your traffic sources you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Pillar 4

Automating the Machine - I will help you implement the same SOP’s that we have in place to automate your whole operation. This includes team building, training, and software that will allow you to detach yourself from the business.

There comes a certain point when you’re hitting some big numbers where you will find yourself working IN the business not ON the business. Automating your operation will allow you to focus on starting and scaling other stores, as well as provide you with the bandwidth and time to have whatever impact you want to have on your family, friends and future.

Here’s what Robert Rhau has to say about ESS program:

Before joining the ESS program he was trying to scale an eCom brand but it was unsuccessful. he found a good product after that but his issue was of not knowing how to scale this product fast. This was one of the biggest reasons he joined the ESS program. When joined the program he was amazed how easily and fast can be scaled a profitable product. The first month he joined the program he made $46k in revenue and in the second month, he made $129k in revenue. Most of that was because of what he learned from Alex on how to scale quickly. Where none of the other programs he joined before helped him with that. 

Now how is all of this fulfilled?

Here’s what Marvin says about the onboarding call:


You will start off the program with an onboarding call directly with 7 figure coach, Where he will do a full comprehensive analysis of your store / business and we will craft a step by step blueprint tailored specifically for your situation & goal in regards to the four pillars mentioned above.

Training Platform

From there you will be granted access to our proprietary in depth training platform that not only touches on every aspect of our FB Scaling Methods as well as our Funnel Scaling Methods which is responsible over $120 Million dollars in revenue just from our students alone.
On the platform you will also have access to our specific product validation framework that allows us to find winning products in record speed. We actually take it a step further. Every week you will receive access to our private catalog of winning products that my team and I have personally validated.

Here’s what Marvin says about the onboarding call:

Coaching Calls

You will have access to 2 weekly coaching calls where you can ask any questions in regards to implementation. This where you will be able to see directly inside my ad accounts and get direct feedback on your store. Much like anything else in life you get out of it what you want to get out of it. If you ask high level questions you will receive high level answers.


You will have 24/7 support meaning, any questions you may have at any point in time you have direct access to me as well one of our world class coaches that you can reach out to. There is no point throughout this whole process where you will not have support. Whenever something happens whether it’s a FB question, software question or funnel question you don’t have to wait for the coaching calls to get some support and feedback.

Exclusive Ecommerce Scaling
Secrets Private Mastermind Group

You’re always connected to the community of high performing ecomm store owners. Whenever you need to tap into the vast network of people—before making a new hire, committing to new software, or deciding where to focus your time and energy—we’re all here to help.

Here’s just few examples of the conversation in our private group:

(ESS 7-8 Figure Elite Private Group)

You will have access to another private community with store owners in your specific market that are producing 7 & 8 figures. This is our most exclusive community that consists of high performing store owners exchanging what is working best for their stores on a daily basis. You will have direct access to all the knowledge, tactics, and strategies being used by top performers in the ecommerce space. There are 60+ entrepreneurs all doing at least $100k per month in their business so you can always be on top of strategies and tactics that work.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside Brand Builders Academy

  • Step-by-step trainings starting from “Phase 1” to “Phase 9” so you know exactly what to do on your journey to $1,000 per day ($3,145 value)
  • 13 BONUS video training modules that’ll help you optimize your store once it’s been set up ($2,447 value)
  • Access to proven research templates so you can find winning products in  as little as 8 minutes ($1,997 value)
  • Daily coaching calls with me and other 7-figure ecom experts so there’s no guesswork throughout your entire journey ($5,763 value)
  • Access to high-converting store templates that you can copy and paste into your own eCommerce business hassle-free ($1,997 value)
  • A 6-figure TikTok framework that my students are using to make up to $13,000 in a single day…without spending a dime on ads ($987 value)
  • A community of over 1,000 aspiring entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you for unlimited support, motivation, and money-making ideas ($3,928 value)
  • 6 months access to video trainings, 7 and 8-figure coaches, proven eCommerce strategies, and a community of like-minded people ($6,245 value)

Frequently asked questions


What are the main differences between eCommerce Scaling Secrets (ESS) and Brand Builders Academy (BBA)? 


ESS is for entrepreneurs who are already doing over $1,000 per day in their online store and want to scale to 6-7 figures per month, whereas BBA is for beginners who want to start a profitable online store from scratch and grow it to $1,000 per day in sales.


Do you have any results and/or testimonials?


Yes. We’ve created 60 millionaires, hundreds of six-figure students, and over 1,100 success stories. You can check out the BBA testimonials on this page (scroll down for ESS testimonials).


What If I Have Questions Or Get Stuck Throughout The Course?


In both ESS and BBA, you’ll have access to 7 and 8-figure experts you can send direct messages to on Skool and Slack. Whenever you have a question or concern, our coaches will respond to you usually within 24 hours of your message. Each program also hosts multiple live Q&A sessions every single week.


How Much Time Do I Need To Commit To See Results?


This depends on where you currently are in your entrepreneurial journey. Both me and my team of expert ecommerce coaches have already made the mistakes for you so that you can invest as little time as possible into starting and/or scaling your online store. This business model is front loaded - you will need to put in more work initially. But once everything’s set up, you can manage your store in just a few hours per week.


How Much Money Do I Need To Start?


In any business, it takes money to make money. For BBA, we recommend you set aside at least $1,000 to invest into your future. For ESS, we recommend you set aside at least $5,000 to invest into your future.


Do you offer refunds for BBA and/or ESS?


We invest heavily in the quality and excellence of Brand Builders Academy and eCommerce Scaling Secrets, ensuring they meet stringent standards before reaching you. This investment in quality means that we stand confidently behind what we offer. If you’re truly unhappy about your experience inside BBA and/or ESS, simply speak with your personal coach to see if you qualify for a refund.

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