3 Best Tools WE USE to Spy on Competitors’ Facebook Ads

3 Best Tools WE USE to Spy on Competitors’ Facebook Ads

Competition is the way to move business forward and increase value for customers. It’s a vital part of any industry, INCLUDING online marketing.

When it comes to competition on Facebook ads, first thing you want to see is how your competitor’s ads look like and what social proof they have. After all, borrowing ideas from others is a normal way of improving your own business strategy.

While there are some standard Facebook-imbedded tools such as Audience Insights, of course, many other resources have been generated to help you get information on what is working BEST in your niche.

In this article, we will tell you about 5 tools that we are using as well to get insights on what works for our competitors.

1. AdSpy– get ALL the information available for FB about your competitors’ ads.

Probably, the most commonly used tool for use when it comes to checking other companies’ contents.

It helps you not only to see what videos or images your opponents are running but also see which ones work best for them, which gender and age groups are most successful, and even get a copy of their creative for yourself.


– Enhanced search tool – easy to use and very comprehensive;

– Rather accurate demographics data is a big bonus;

– Can find and download any creatives you could get inspired by for your own ads;

– Additional filters by social proof;


– It’s a paid service – to use it in its fullest, you need to pay a $149 monthly fee;

– Not very convenient for mobile devices;

– Competitors can also use this tool for spying on you.

2. Similarweb – to ACTUALLY get to know your competitors.

Overall, this is probably the BEST entry-level tool to study your/or others’ website traffic.

For online marketing, the statistical data provided here is CRUCIAL in terms of getting to know best-performing audiences in the niche, finding most successful competitors, and analyzing data about them.

With just installing the Chrome extension, you can assess A LOT of info, even when using a free version of the service.


– REALLY deep insight into web data (not only Facebook data);

– A LOT OF INFO about target audiences and website traffic;

– Easy to understand despite vast data;

– You can use it for free to a certain limit or buy a more detailed version;

– Great for establishing your main competitors.


– No specific social media analysis section – you must use raw data and interpret it;

– Not really useful for websites with low traffic volumes;

– As discovered, some data found in Similarweb were not very accurate.

3. PowerAdSpy – LOOK at what your competitors are doing.

While this one is somewhat similar to AdSpy, it has a less complex and easier-to-use search engine that would give you more or less same results – you get your competitors’ ads, you get required analysis of the ad in terms of social proof, and you can find it while having minimum information about the given company.

Another thing that is REALLY good about it is that you can have your 20-search trial for FREE and make sure that this is the tool you need.

Otherwise, you can get a basic package for mere $49/month.


– Daily updated libraries about millions of ads from all over the world;

– Provides social proof for ads;

– Low subscription fee;

– Call-to-action based sorting of results – GREAT feature.


– Overall, it is a cheaper substitute for AdSpy, which is more convenient for us;

– No web analytics tool on the website;

– The website is not fast enough at times.

TO Wrap It Up

So, from our personal experience, the BEST tools to use for social marketing ‘spying’ are:

1. AdSpy.

2. SimilarWeb.

3. PowerAdSpy.

While there are SO MANY more out there, you cannot try and buy all of them, so we’d like to hear from you as well.

Are you utilizing same services? No? Then, what are YOU using for spying on your competitors? How are these tools working for you? Tell us more about it!

Let’s share our ideas and boost our sales together!

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